Our print workshops are used primarily by Illustration and Graphic Design students, but are open to all students from the faculty, and students can work individually or on collaborative pieces

Find out more about the Screen Printing room and Screen Coating room, and the equipment available in each for students to use.

Screen printing room

Screen printing has been around for a thousand years and is still popular today. Modern day posters, artwork and printed-on garments are created using this technique.

Students who have completed the required induction can use our screen printing room at any convenient and agreed time during opening hours, to print materials such as illustrations, posters or their own business cards.

    Equipment and resources

    • 6 vacuum screen print tables — for accurate and repeated printing on paper or card stock
    • 100 printing screens — including 30 screens of A1 size, 60 screens of A2size and 2 screens of A0 size
    • Gemini405 laser-guided guillotine — a trimming and cutting machine used by staff to correctly size students' projects
    • Industry standard emulsions, fluids and inks — emulsion is a thicker liquid widely used in printing processes
    • 4 drying racks — for drying prints on
    • 2 jet washing bays — for cleaning down screens when finished with
    • 2 processing units — used to produce digital and hand drawn designs

    Screen coating room

    In this room, students can transfer existing images from one print out to another, using a light-sensitive emulsion. Our screen coating room features the following equipment and resources:

    • Photographic emulsion — free for students to use, this is a light-sensitive colloid of solid particles in a fluid, which is used to coat the mesh of the screens to enable the design to be transferred on to the screen
    • 1 drying cabinet — a horizontal cabinet ideal for drying emulsion coated screens
    • 2 exposure units — to expose your image so you can reproduce your design
    • 2 rinsing bays — a dedicated space for rinsing screens

    Where to find us

    Print workshops

    Eldon Building
    Winston Churchill Avenue
    PO1 2DJ