We're one of the few UK universities with a replica courtroom – a realistic copy of a Crown Court, where students can gain the practical experience they need to start their legal career, through mooting and simulated court cases.

The courtroom has a witness stand, a jury box, a public gallery and a dock for defendants. There are 4 ceiling mounted cameras, so exercises can be filmed, analysed and reflected on later. Courtroom exercises can also be streamed to other seminar rooms for viewing and analysis.

Students use the replica courtroom to develop skills needed as a lawyer or barrister, such as speaking confidently, persuasion, negotiation and argumentation.

The courtroom is also an ideal location for students to practice skills such as arguing a point under stressful circumstances, being able to address groups of people and being confident under pressure.

Mooting competitions are arranged by the Law Society and take place in a courtroom setting, in which two teams of two argue their case before a judge or judges.

Equipment and rooms

  • 4 ceiling mounted cameras
  • Projector
  • Video linked interview rooms
  • 2 TV screens
  • Witness stand
  • Space for jurors
  • A dock for defendants
  • Jury retiring room
  • IT support technician and administrative support

Hire the courtroom

External organisations regularly hire the courtroom facilities for staff training in advocacy and expert testimony.

Please contact Martine Eneas at martine.eneas@port.ac.uk or call 023 9284 4080 to request a personalised quote.

Once pricing and availability have been confirmed, our Conference and Lettings department will finalise the details.

Where to find us

Mock Courtroom

1st Floor
Portsmouth Law School
Anglesea Building
Anglesea Road