Professional animators, illustrators, designers and artists use graphics tablets to create many of the designs, characters and images we see every day. From billboards, character design, landscapes and animation, graphics tablets are one of the key tools for today's visual creatives.

Our Wacom Studio is a specialised 20-seat PC studio, with Wacom Cintiq graphics tablets available for creative drawing input directly to the computers. These can be used for digital illustration, image editing, 3D animation, digital sculpting and page layout design.

Female student sketches on wacom tablet

Students can use the studio for digital illustration, image editing, 3D animation, digital sculpting and more

Room view of the wacom studio, female student in forefront

Based in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, there are 20 seats available in the Wacom Studio

Female student designs graphic on wacom tablet

Students use industry-standard equipment, including Wacom Cintiq and Wacom Intuos tablets

Equipment and rooms

  • 19 Wacom Cintiq tablets — integrated PC with interactive screen to replicate drawing on paper or canvas, installed with software including Adobe CC, Toonboom and TVPaint
  • 37 Wacom Intuos tablets for day time loan — smaller, 'plug and play' drawing tablets that can be connected to any computer via USB

Using the Wacom Studio

The space is open for all students to use, however CCI students doing course and project work will be given priority use of the equipment available. Wacom Intuos tablets can be borrowed from the Eldon Digital Office.

To use our tablets and pens students must also sign our Wacom contract through Moodle, and agree to return all tablets and graphics pens in good condition.

Where to find us

Wacom Studio

Eldon Building
Winston Churchill Avenue