New Energy and REsources from Urban Sanitation (NEREUS)

The NEREUS (New Energy and REsources from Urban Sanitation) project aims to tackle common 2 Seas area challenges, and to boost the developing green economy, by transforming wastewater into reusable water, valuable resources (eg cellulose, nutrients) and energy. The project is funded by EU Interreg 2 Seas.


It has been acknowledged across Europe, that the future the treatment of wastewater should be based on the principles of a 'circular economy'. However, although the technology is available, implementing suitable solutions in urban areas is complex.

One of the main outputs of this project will be the design and implementation of a Decision Support Tool (DST) to assist decision makers in selecting the optimal resources and technologies in a range of wastewater recovery and treatment scenarios.

The Decision Support Tool, which will be designed by the University of Portsmouth team, will consider a variety of technologies proposed by pilot partners, as well as technical, economical, environmental and socio-cultural criteria.

Project partners

  • DuCoop, Belgium
  • Evides, Netherlands
  • HZ University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • University of Portsmouth, UK
  • Southern Water, UK
  • Water-Link, Belgium


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