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The Hallmarks of our employees

Find out what we expect of our employees, and how our hallmarks shape our ongoing People Strategy

Our employees are knowledgeable, informed, self-aware, self-motivated and engaged.

Our people take pride in realising the aims of the University of Portsmouth, as appropriate to their role. The Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Employee are part of our 2016–2020 People Strategy.

Our employees will:

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Have an excellent understanding of their role and the part they play in ensuring that the University achieves its strategic aims.

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Have the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively, coming up with creative and better ways of doing things, embracing change and challenges as they arise.

Careers centre staff

Be engaged, with a sense of professional responsibility linked to a culture of valuing equality, diversity, difference, respect and sustainability.

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Be effective team players, able to communicate clearly and effectively, supporting all members of the University community.

Research staff in the lab

Be able to work in a range of environments, responding positively to new situations by being aware, flexible, agile and realistic in their expectations.

Research staff in the lab

Be proactively engaged in, and proud of, working for the University, and strive for excellence in all they do in order to achieve the best outcomes for the University and its students.

Smiling health and wellbeing staff members

Be passionate and effective advocates in promoting the University to the wider community and with intercultural skills that facilitate international collaboration.

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