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Become a landlord

Find out how to become a landlord to our students – and how we connect landlords to the thousands of people studying with us 

If you're looking to lease or rent your property in Portsmouth, you can build a working relationship with us to offer students housing through Studentpad, the national student accommodation platform.

There are 24,000 students in Portsmouth, and thousands of new ones starting uni every year, so there's a steady stream of people looking for a place to call home.

Connecting landlords and students

With the University located in the centre of the city, private student housing in Portsmouth is a competitive market. Our online rental board – Studentpad – is one of the first places students look for rented accommodation.

A digital marketplace connecting landlords looking to lease their property to students, it's also an online service for you to manage your property through official University channels.

The benefits of using Studentpad to lease your property:

  • Tool for assessing market value
  • Advertise directly to students
  • Sort out your agreements on a 1-to-1 basis
  • Manage your lease contracts digitally
  • Communicate directly with tenants
  • Allow your tenants to report faults online
  • Key management

Interested in becoming a landlord?

Read our helpful tips on how to become a landlord – from what our students are looking for, to how best to advertise your property.

Helpful tips

The rental price of your property will depend on various factors (e.g. location, condition, available appliances), but broadly speaking, £85 – £100 per week per person fits most students' budgets.

Many students expect utility bills, such as electricity and the internet, to be included in the rent. It's worth factoring them into your pricing.

Have a look at our listings to check out the current market and see how you can be competitive.

You can rent rooms individually or offer a 'joint and several liability agreement', where two or more students sign up to the same contract. There's an option in Studentpad to choose the type of agreement you want, so you can match with tenants looking for the same deal.

If the rooms you're letting have different contract end dates or rolling contracts, you can create new adverts on Studentpad as and when you need to.

You can also advertise on the platform if you're a resident landlord, which is often an option for short-term student lets.

Along with standard laws and regulations, properties with 3 or more beds (but with shared facilities like the bathroom and kitchen) are classified as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). If you want to rent out your property as an HMO, you must contact Portsmouth City Council to check if you need a licence.

If your property can accommodate 5 or more tenants, you must hold a large HMO licence.

Find more information on HMO licensing at

To be listed on Studentpad, your property must be furnished and maintained to a modern and clean standard.

There are some common expectations students have of potential homes. A desk and chair in their bedroom, a good communal area for the number of people living there and wifi are just a few.

Posting your advertisement with clear photos of the bedrooms and common areas will help draw interest from students. Lumping in utilities and other bills into rental payments is another plus-point.

With enrolments growing year-on-year, there will always be students needing centrally located accommodation. Private letting is a great alternative for many who either can't get a place in university halls, or would rather share a house.

Many landlords use the summer time for essential maintenance to prepare the property for the next academic year. Other landlords offer half-rent over the summer to students who don't head home, while some provide summer-only lets.

You're also free to let to non-students as well, though council tax regulations get complicated if you mix students and non-students.

To sign up and advertise your property on Studentpad, you need to provide information and documentation about your property, register online and pass all necessary checks.

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You're welcome to chat to us in person about leasing your property through Studentpad. We can sit down and run through everything with you, discuss the pros and cons and offer advice on how to make the right decision for your situation.

We have an open office policy, which means you can phone and book an appointment or just drop in. Contact us by email at, call +44 (0)23 9284 3214, or visit us.

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