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Find out how you can contribute to the important research work taking place at the University

We're busy working on vital research projects, and many rely on the help of volunteers. Find out more about the projects looking for participants – and how you might be rewarded for taking part.

Universities lead the way in groundbreaking research, identifying new ways to solve a range of challenges and problems. We are no exception and 77 per cent of our research achieved a rating of 'world-leading' or 'internationally excellent' in the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF). Many of our research projects require human help, and as long as you're 18 or above and you fit the bill, you can participate.

Projects you could join

We research a wide range of fascinating topics and there's a constant stream of new projects. Here are some previous and current examples:

  • What are the verbal and non-verbal differences between liars and truth tellers?
  • How helpful are sports bras?
  • What more can we understand about the condition of 'trench foot' in African and Caribbean men and women?
  • How can we improve early detection of lung cancer?
  • What are the effects on women of undertaking doctoral research?
  • Which types of consumers are more likely to shop in packaging-free retail environments?

Your participation might require you to simply complete an online questionnaire, use a running machine, have readings taken of your blood flow, provide cheek swabs for a clinical trial, or even tell lies.

Time commitment

Our research projects have various time frames. Some are set up for 3 months, others can last a year. Your own commitment could range from 20 minutes to several hours.

Participation takes place at our campus, online, or at another location in the city.

Rewards for being involved

Some projects offer a cash payment in return for your time. Other examples of rewards include:

  • Online vouchers
  • Entry into prize draws for cash or vouchers
  • University course credits for students
  • Complimentary clothing, e.g. sports or everyday bras

Travel expenses may also be paid in some cases.

Safety and ethics of our research

All testing procedures are reviewed and approved by our ethics boards and research partners before participants are invited.

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