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Our health partnerships

Discover the impact our research teams are making in collaboration with hospitals, charities, other universities and health trusts

Our research in health and wellbeing aims to improve the health of people and communities around the world.

We work in partnership with universities, hospitals, charities and health trusts to support and enhance the research and application of healthcare in the UK and worldwide. This is an essential part of delivering our strategy and vision and becoming an international institution.

The benefits of our ongoing health partnerships include providing healthcare staff and organisations with the training and technologies they need to succeed, finding better ways to share healthcare data to improve the patient experience, supporting students interested in a career in healthcare or research, and finding methods to improve advanced diagnosis of critical conditions.

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust Strategic Partnership

The University of Portsmouth has a long-running strategic partnership with Portsmouth Hospitals University (PHU) NHS Trust.

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Health, wellbeing and educational partnerships

The University of Portsmouth has ongoing partnerships in local communities and global populations exploring the factors that affect people's health, wellbeing and educational potential.

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Climate and health partnerships

The University of Portsmouth has ongoing climate and health partnerships that are working with local communities to reduce their risk of diseases caused by air pollution.

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Clinical health partnerships

Through our clinical health partnerships, we're working to better understand rare diseases, cancers, inflammatory and respiratory conditions, infection and oral health.

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Healthcare technologies

Our partnerships in healthcare technologies are using research to develop advanced prostheses and efficient technology transfers.

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Laser cut face shields

We responded to the growing need for personal protection equipment (PPE) during the pandemic by manufacturing laser-cut face shields – and by making our face shield designs freely available.

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