March 2020

Growing educational excellence

Find out more about the multi-academy trust, our core values and our connections with local schools

The University of Portsmouth Academy Trust (UPAT) has been established to improve educational outcomes and life chances for local communities in Portsmouth and the Solent region.

The University of Portsmouth Academy Trust is committed to inclusivity, lifelong learning and ensuring our learners are equipped to succeed at every stage.

In January 2021 the UPAT formed a multi-academy trust with:

  • Milton Park Primary School
  • Woodcot Primary School
  • Cottage Grove Primary School

The Trust will build on the unique characteristics and diversity of each member organisation. Our shared mission is to build capacity to support and grow educational excellence across the region, working with other schools and colleges, Academy Trusts and education providers.

UPAT will be led by a board of Members and a Trust Board to ensure its success. Meet our Trustees.

Core values

The heart and soul of UPAT is summed up in three core values: Being, Belonging and Becoming.


Everyone in our community has the capability and competence to develop and flourish. We create engaging opportunities for each individual to learn, make sense of the world, and realise their unique potential.


Each school in the Trust is a place of belonging, where everyone feels valued, accepted, included and supported. Our schools are safe, respectful learning communities, where diversity is welcome and celebrated.


We are ambitious for everyone in our community. We use responsive and innovative approaches to learning and development, to build confidence, and nurture the essential qualities of creativity, independence and resilience.

Opportunities for schools and pupils

The University of Portsmouth Academy Trust will ensure that schools and their pupils will be exposed to a range of initiatives and events aimed at increasing participation in Higher Education. Pupils and their families will be encouraged to engage with the University from an early age through special events, while staff will benefit from development and progression supported by the School of Education, Languages and Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The University’s core commitment includes guidance on teaching, learning and education management, school improvement development plans, and wider support from the School of Education, Languages and Linguistics. 

UPAT works with University of Portsmouth to provide the following core offer to all schools in the Trust:

  • Opportunities to participate in initiatives and projects led by the University, and to collaborate with its staff and students on research and innovation activities

  • Access to expertise to support school improvement, curriculum enhancement and enrichment, including outreach activities and visits to the University’s facilities

  • Access to research-led training, teacher placements, and Trust-wide professional learning opportunities and partnerships

  • Co-ordinated collaboration with other UPAT academies to share expertise, ideas and resources

  • Advocacy for your school/academy and UPAT, nationally and regionally