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MSc Film and Television portfolio guide

How to put together a personal statement for your course application

Please note:

The application form for the Master’s includes a Personal Statement, where you should briefly describe the project idea you wish to work on.

This course develops skills in one or across the following narrative media: film, TV, radio/audio, new media/ web, print.

What to include in your portfolio

As there are many creative avenues you can take on this project-based degree, we don’t prescribe an ‘ideal’ portfolio. We expect applicants to come from many different backgrounds. Indeed we consider that is a strength of the course.

But to point you in the right direction, your application portfolio should provide evidence of the breadth and depth of your experiences to date in film/TV/new media.  Some examples of portfolio work could be:

  • Documentary film
  • Fiction film
  • TV production – documentary, magazine programs, multi-camera drama
  • Websites – particularly non-linear (hypertext) stories
  • Audio projects
  • Still photography
  • Scripts – either fiction or non-fiction
  • Storyboards
  • Treatments
  • Filmed Adverts
  • Supporting production files explaining your creative approach/activity, and your working methods

You may also include written research papers such as an UG dissertation.

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