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Do you want to up-skill your staff and keep your business competitive through continuing professional development of your workforce? Could your business benefit from supporting staff to study while they work?

Supporting your staff to study while they work is a great way of upskilling your workforce, attracting and retaining talented employees, and keeping your business competitive.

When your staff study alongside their job, they can develop new skills and apply what they learn at university in the workplace. Staff who study while they work are often more motivated to take on greater responsibility too, so by supporting staff to continue their education, both your business and your employees can benefit.

From degree apprenticeships and work-based degrees to continuing professional development (CPD) courses and bespoke training, we offer a range of learning at work options, each designed to help your staff stay up-to-date with the latest skills, knowledge and technology.

Our options for training your workforce

Degree apprenticeships – information for employers

Apprenticeships are a way for your organisation to attract talented employees and develop your existing workforce. Find out more now.

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Work based degrees for employers

Get commercial value for your business by developing staff and increasing their motivation through work-based learning with us.

Learning at Work
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CPD and short courses

Support your staff in their continuing professional development through our CPD and short courses developed by researchers and industry experts.

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Bespoke training for organisations

Work with us to develop custom-made CPD training courses for your employees, based around the needs of your organisation.

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