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An employer's guide to work-based learning

See how work-based degrees can improve the performance of your organisation

Support your staff to take a work-based degree and they'll develop new skills and abilities that can help your business.

Our part-time degree courses allow your employees to get an undergraduate Bachelor's or postgraduate Master's university degree while they work, without going to university full time.

Supporting your staff in their professional development is commercially valuable to your organisation. Once they've successfully completed their work-based degree, your staff will have enhanced strategic awareness, greater knowledge of best practice and increased motivation to perform in your workplace.

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6 reasons to support your staff through work-based degrees

There are many benefits to supporting an employee on a work-based degree, for both your employee and your organisation, including:

  1. Employee education and personal development bring commercial and strategic awareness to their role
  2. Staff can share knowledge of best practice and latest technologies with the whole organisation
  3. Better qualified staff enhance the organisation's position in industry
  4. Staff supported in getting further qualifications show increased loyalty to their employers
  5. Employee motivation is increased as they develop their skills
  6. You retain staff who otherwise would have to take a career break to get a University qualification

Entry requirements and course duration

Entry requirements and course duration vary across our courses, please look at the individual courses qualifications for specific requirements.

How we support your employee

We also support your organisation by providing your employee with:

  • A personal tutor
  • Access to a virtual learning environment with resources and activities such as online tutorials, lectures, webinars and virtual tutor-led discussion sessions
  • Support for academic writing from the Academic Skills Department
  • An invitation to an induction session (either offline or on campus) at the start of their course
  • Access to our library and its vast selection of electronic resources including ebooks and journals, which students can access from anywhere

Funding work-based degrees

As an employer, you're not obligated to cover the cost of a work-based degree. However, you can pay for the course or contribute to the fees. To do so, you'll need to sponsor your employee.

If you work in the military, you can access the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) to get work-based learning funding.

Contact us

We have a dedicated Learning at Work team who can answer any further questions you have about work-based degrees.

Email learningatwork@port.ac.uk

Phone +44 (0)23 9284 6260

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