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Get a free website to boost your business

Our students are empowering local businesses, one website at a time

Do you need a website for your small business?

Our talented students from our Electronic and Mobile Commerce module are looking for real clients who need a new website. 

Why should your business get involved?

  • Receive a professionally designed website at no cost
  • Showcase your business online and reach a wider audience
  • Empower the next generation of digital innovators

I've had regular contact with the project team. At the beginning, we set up a weekly call on a Friday, so we could all regularly check in — which has also helped keep me accountable too, as I had to rewrite a fair amount of the content!

I am incredibly pleased with the new website so far. It looks really slick, tidy, and professional. I strongly recommend this opportunity for SMEs!

Jennifer Head, Founder, MIdnight Health Ltd

How does it work?

You'll work with a group of our students who will scope, build and deliver your website. 

The students will start by building a thorough understanding of your business, brand, and website requirements. They'll benchmark your website against at least two competitors before developing a site map and wireframes for each page.

Then, the students will build and test your website before presenting the final product to you. After the presentation you can request necessary changes. 

The website will be handed over to you at the end of the module.


These projects start in January each year, and the whole process takes approximately 3 months. You can expect to have your new website in April.

How do I sign up?

Email studentprojects@port.ac.uk to find out more or register your interest in this project.