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Does your public or third sector organisation need help with an architecture project? We can help with our in-house architectural consultancy, the Architecture Project Office.

The Architecture Project Office brings together talented staff and students from our School of Architecture to tackle a variety of architectural challenges for local authorities, charities, community groups and social enterprises. We consider projects in any location.

Previous architecture projects

Our track record of previous projects includes producing architectural designs, running design workshops, carrying out renovation, and designing and building temporary urban art installations.

We also assist with public consultations and can facilitate ‘urban rooms’, which allow citizens to participate in planning the future look and feel of their town or city.

Previous architecture projects

Our students studying BA (Hons) Architecture and BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design created the designs for new welcoming spaces in St Michael and All Angels Church in Portsmouth. 

In March 2018, the church was awarded more than £400,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to create more attractive facilities in its church building. The students designed warm, well-lit spaces to host celebratory events, such as weddings, parties and family activities, and showcase the church community.

Students designed a flexible community space to revitalise Gosport Masonic Hall for local groups, charities, special events and activities. Imaginative and creative designs were created to maximise the use of the space and provide a contemporary, inviting and accessible venue.

Students from the Architecture Project Office and the International College Portsmouth (lCP) worked together to develop inspiring and creative design ideas to revamp the reception area at ICP.

Project Office students led design teams, tested their leadership skills and applied their design skills. They used the ICP students' knowledge and experiences of the reception area to inform their designs. 

The students presented their ideas to 80 members of staff and students. They produced proposals and visualisations of the revamped spaces, which were shared with the Director of ICP.

Students from the Architecture Project Office took part in the renovation of Bastion 6, one of the 19th Century fortifications in the north of Portsmouth.

Years of disuse had left the Scheduled Monument uninhabitable. The students had to convert the property into a store for the World War 1 Remembrance Museum Collection.

After lead paint was removed and the wooden window frames repaired, they worked on a full measure survey of the property, and showed the results to project stakeholders.

Over five days, a group of 60 architecture and interior design students created new designs to regenerate Wymering Manor.

During the project, they visited the site and participated in an intensive one-day design workshop, culminating in a professional presentation to the client and select guests.

Around 40 architecture and interior architecture and design students in a four-day project for the City Life Church, with the goal of making it a more appealing community hub, as well as provide more space for the congregation, staff and storage.

After a tour of the site and a question and answer session, groups of students tackled different areas of the project, including creating a glass wrap to give a more open feel to the pre-existing foyer, stairwell and main auditorium.

On the final day of the project, each group gave a presentation that included an aspirational collage and white card models, to illustrate their proposals to the client.

As part of a partnership with Portsmouth City Council, this project was intended to see how people and society interact with temporary structures. Similar projects from the past were analysed to provide context and inspiration.

The temporary structure, christened #IHeartPompey, was designed by the two winners of our student architectural competition, and was built with help from fellow students, young people from the Brook Club, and community volunteers.

In order to improve the design and functionality of the interior of Portsmouth Guildhall, three teams of four design students, led by three faculty members, participated in a period of intense design and planning.

Each team focused on one particular area of the Guildhall for the duration of the project: the main auditorium, select areas of the ground floor, and the first floor lounge and exhibition areas.

The ideas that resulted from this project were well received by the client, who intends to work with us in the future on a potential renovation project.

Part of a larger research project to investigate unused space in cities, this project was a collaboration between our School of Architecture and the City Council of Campi Salentina in Italy.

The output from this project was a pavilion designed to hold temporary exhibits, designed by students with guidance from Senior Lecturer and architect Guido Robazza. The goal of its construction was to increase community cohesion and participation.

This project's goal was to reinvigorate The Beneficial Foundation charity, which aims to help the disadvantaged, as well as those with learning differences and disabilities, through education, training and rehabilitation.

Students created new designs for the charity's Fratton HQ, while also coming up with new ideas to raise funds and improve branding.

The Beneficial Foundation has implemented many of the ideas that students developed, and we're hoping to work together again in the future.

The trust that owns the Waterside Pool on the Isle of Wight asked us to create designs that would make the pool easier to maintain, more sustainable and increase the services it's able to offer the community.

A group of 30 students participated in a three-day site visit, which culminated in a client presentation the day after. Participating students presented sketches, collages and 3D models to the client, tackling expansion ideas such as a learner pool, additional changing facilities, and a cafe/restaurant.

How we'll help your project succeed

  • We’ll bring the wide-ranging creativity and expertise of our architecture students and their tutors
  • We’ll apply the latest architectural knowledge, plus skills and techniques in computer-aided design, building information modelling and environmental impact assessment
  • We’ll use industry-standard equipment for model making and materials testing
  • We’ll work with you to publicise your project

You’ll help our students too

Your architecture project will be a highly valuable experience for our students. As your project progresses, you’ll take an active role in briefing the students and reviewing their activity.

Benefits to our students

  • Learn how to use their skills for a client or partner
  • Practice problem solving on real challenges for community benefit
  • Develop their creativity
  • Gain experience of project and budget management
  • Enhance their knowledge, skills and career prospects

Contact us

Get in touch to arrange an informal discussion about your project and we’ll take it from there. 

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