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Research and innovation happens every day at the University of Portsmouth, and we have the expertise and experience to make a difference to your business.

Our research covers an exceptionally diverse range of areas – including Biological Sciences, Cosmology and Astrophysics, Digital and Creative Technologies, Economics, Health Informatics, Psychology, and Sport and Exercise Science.

Across our full list of research areas, our researchers are turning their expertise into action, and helping businesses and organisations find solutions to the issues they're facing.

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Our research expertise

Explore our current research work, discover how it overlaps with the needs of your business – and take a closer look at our research facilities.

Research areas

Working with industry and academic partners, and across our 5 faculties, our researchers are leading their fields and creating impact.

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Lab and testing facilities

Discover how we use our lab and testing facilities to solve research challenges and gain experience using industry standard equipment.

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Recent projects have made use of our expertise in the following topics

  • Big data

    Driving efficiency, predicting patterns and turning your big data into a commercial advantage

  • Business

    New product development, and economic, market and policy analysis

  • Creative industries

    Architectural services, creative technologies and more

  • Environment

    Improving living standards and helping to create a sustainable world through environmentally friendly technologies, methodologies and systems

  • Justice

    Specialising in security, fraud and forensics, and developing methodologies, detection techniques and training to reduce the impact of crime

  • Health

    Developing innovative approaches and technologies to deliver more effective and lean healthcare interventions

  • Manufacturing

    Developing products that stand out in the market with new materials and industry processes

Our funding expertise

We have a long track record of successful collaborations with national and international organisations, and extensive experience securing funding for projects which drive innovation and growth, from government bodies, NGOs and the private sector.

We have experience in navigating the often-complex process of finding funding, and can provide clear, reliable advice about what's achievable within the timescales and budgets of your project.

From first contact to final confirmation – for both small-scale funding applications, and those targeting multi-million pounds of investment – we can help.

Recent projects have secured funding in the following ways

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

    You could get funding of up to £80,000 from Innovate UK by working with us – as a research partner – and with one of our graduates

  • Collaborative research and development

    As a recognised UK research organisation, we have access to funding for a variety of government programmes

  • Venturefest

    Our collaborative business projects have secured investment at this annual conference for the south's innovators and entrepreneurs

Other ways we can help your business

For all other enquiries about how the University can support your business – from consultancy services to commercialisation opportunities – contact our Research and Innovation team on +44(0)23 9284 6191 or email

Explore our business services

Business services

Is your business ready to take a step forward? We have a long track record of helping businesses and startups in different markets to grow and develop.

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Train your workforce

From degree apprenticeships to work-based Learning at Work programmes and bespoke training, we offer a range of tailored training options to meet your needs and help you to grow.

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Work with our students and graduates

Work with our students and graduates to boost your business, streamline recruitment processes and fill vacancies.

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