Competition for talent is at a premium, making it essential that your company profile and adverts stand out from the rest of the pack. Here are some top tips on recruiting a University of Portsmouth student or graduate.

Did you know?

MyCareer jobs board is for the exclusive use of University of Portsmouth students and graduates. In fact, alumni can access the jobs board up to five years after they graduate, so tailoring your adverts to this audience will help you attract the right candidates.

Organisation registration 

This is an opportunity to showcase your business, its culture and identity to our student talent pool.  Although this does not need to be in-depth information, it is in your best interest to provide an informative outline.


We encourage you to add your logo to enhance brand recognition. This can be altered at any time.

Adding new contacts

We understand that staff may change over time so you can easily update your account and access accordingly.

Job description 

We recommend pitching your job description to your audience in order to attract the most suitable candidates from the off-set. The role should be at an appropriate level for a student/graduate.

Long paragraphs of text can be off-putting so keep it short, sharp and effective. Clear, simple job titles are recommended as this is the first thing that will attract the student's attention. 

Please include the following essential details - location of the role, length of contract, start date and salary (see below for more details). Including a named contact who candidates can speak with if they have any questions is also recommended.

Did you know?

Once your vacancy is published, our students receive an email notification promoting your role, depending on their career preferences.  


Please include a salary. Adverts with specific salaries or a salary band are much more appealing to students and graduates. The salary should be suitable for the skills/experience you are looking for. We will only advertise roles that meet National Minimum Wage and above. 

Closing dates

Students tend to wait for the deadline to apply for a job. Keep the closing date short and if you need to extend you can do so on MyCareer. The closing date is not a mandatory field, so do make sure you have added this.

Extending jobs

If you have subscribed to notifications you will receive an email to highlight potentially extending the advert five days before the application closing date. Please note you can’t actually extend on MyCareer until four days before. You can then do this by clicking on the ‘Actions’ menu in the relevant vacancy and selecting ‘Extend’. 

Please also read our terms and conditions before posting your vacancy. 

Contact details


Telephone: +44 (0)23 9284 3638 

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