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Information for apprentices and their employers

Find out more about changes to your studies and what to do if coronavirus has affected your work

Your studies and workplace have gone through changes due to coronavirus. Find out how things have changed.

Information for apprentices and their employers

Lectures are a blended mix of online and face to face and apprentices will receive information specific to their course on how their lectures will be delivered.

The University will assess apprentices as per its Examination and Assessment Regulations and these regulations will be adapted as required depending on the current situation.

You can contact your course leader or module lecturer to discuss any assessment issues.

You can stay on your apprenticeship while furloughed and there are no changes needed. This has been confirmed by HMRC.

You should log your off the job hours. This is a minimum of 20% of your work hours, approximately 7 hours per week.

If you’re re-deployed to another job, you can continue with your studies and log 20% off the job training if the new role allows for this.

If the new role doesn’t allow time for study then you can take a break in learning. However, due to the nature of the degree and how it is delivered, it is unlikely you’ll be able to rejoin the course until the same time next year.

You’re advised to discuss this with your personal tutor or course leader as soon as possible. If a break in learning is needed, email the degree apprenticeship office at

The rules around redundancy are unchanged. If you are made redundant, you’ll have 12 weeks to stay on your programme and secure alternative employment. Please contact the degree apprenticeship office immediately if you are made redundant at

Progress reviews must continue and can do so online. Your employer must also participate in these progress reviews with the university tutor.

Most or all End Point Assessments are moving to online assessment, so dates should remain the same. If you have an EPA in the next 2 months you and your employer will be contacted to arrange this. If your EPA isn’t in the next 2 months, you’ll be advised closer to the time.

Our partner, Fareport Training, is still delivering this training remotely but exams are now taking place face-to-face. If you have any questions, contact your Fareport tutor directly or the degree apprenticeship office.

For any queries regarding your course please contact your personal tutor, module lecturer or course leader.

The following websites can also provide further guidance:

My apprentice isn’t well enough to work

If your apprentice isn’t well enough to work, you should follow the government’s guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19).

Apprenticeships fees

You should continue to pay the University via its levy funds as training is continuing. Non-levy employers need to continue to pay for their contribution cost.

For any further queries please contact the Degree Apprenticeship Office at

Useful websites

The following websites can also provide further guidance: