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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
19 posts found

Campaigning to make water safety part of the UK National Curriculum Professor Mike Tipton is using his RNLI connections and research to campaign for change

05 January 2021 3 min read

Each year drowning kills more UK children than house fires or bicycle accidents but there's no formal education. Prof Mike Tipton is campaigning to make water safety a part of the UK National Curriculum.

Life ring in choppy water. Life Solved logo in bottom left corner

Is weightlifting the best way to lose weight? One of our sports science experts discusses different ways to lose weight

30 September 2020 4 min read

Weightlifting has become increasingly popular among amateur gym-goers, but is it good way to lose weight and does it really cause people to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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Top tips for staying cool in a heatwave

06 August 2020 Professor Mike Tipton 2 min read

With temperatures set to climb tomorrow in parts of the UK, Professor Mike Tipton provides five helpful tips for staying cool in the sunshine.

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The Participation and Performance Podcast

30 October 2019 4 min read

Dr Daniel J. Brown hosts a series of interviews with world-leading experts to understand the psychology behind participation in physical activity and performance in sport.

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Retiring from elite sport? Consider seeing a psychologist – Andy Murray did Seeking professional help for poor mental health isn’t easy, especially for elite athletes in times of transition, writes Dr Paul Gorczynski for The Conversation

17 January 2019 Dr Paul Gorczynski 5 min read

Paul Gorczynski, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sport & Exercise Science, at the University of Portsmouth, writes for The Conversation about mental health problems elite athletes face after retirement following injury

Tennis player

Wearing an ill-fitting bra isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s bad for your health

15 August 2018 5 min read

Find out why millions of women still wear ill-fitting bras and what you can do to find the healthiest fit.

Collection of bras in different patterns and colours

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