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Centre for Innovative and Sustainable Finance

Find out more about the cross-disciplinary research taking place in our Centre for Innovative and Sustainable Finance (CISF)

Global warming, pandemics, recurrent financial crises, and new web-based technology — in response to a world in constant flux, The Centre for Innovative and Sustainable Finance (CISF) is undertaking research that helps governments, organisations, individuals, and society adapt to the evolving national and international financial landscape.

Finance — as both an academic discipline and a tool for modern economic governance — has never been more important. Finance theory plays a fundamental role in understanding topics such as Fintech, green investment, cybercrime, ethical finance, money laundering, personal credit, national solvency, and issues of Environmental, Social and Governance sustainability.

While maintaining a strong foundation in traditional Finance research, the Centre will engage in cross-disciplinary and collaborative investigations into these and related fields, with the aim of developing a portfolio of projects that will place the CISF at the forefront of theoretical development.

We also aim to support and inspire researchers at all career stages in the creation of new knowledge, and our innovative research underpins and strengthens our Ph.D. programmes, enabling our doctoral researchers to acquire the up-to-date skills and specialist knowledge essential for careers in Finance and related fields.

Members of the Centre have internationally recognised expertise in diverse areas of Finance, investigating both classical and contemporary issues, and have had impactful research published in international journals — with notable success in the areas of Climate Finance, ESG, Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance. Recent research has been funded by major funding bodies, including the British Academy and British Council.

Our members have already developed solid relationships with prominent institutions and organisations both in the UK and globally, including the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, NASDAQ, the EU, and overseas governments. Collaborations have included co-organising events (e.g., conferences/workshops), delivering expert talks on topical issues, and providing consultancy services.

In addition, our members have forged links with research centres across the University — including the Portsmouth Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, the Centre for Blue Governance, the Centre for Operational Research and Logistics, School of Computing, and the School of Education and Sociology.

To read more about the Centre and to see our full list of recent projects and publications, visit our Research Portal.

Our CISF work focuses on the following topics

Sustainable Finance and Banking

  • Green / Blue Finance
  • Ethical Finance
  • Islamic Finance
  • Climate Economy; Energy and Environmental Economics
  • Financial Markets; Financial Institutions and Regulation
  • Micro Finance; Household Finance and Community Finance
  • Global Finance; Global Economy and Geo-politics; International Investment
  • Financing of Economic Growth 

Financial Innovation and Technology

  • Big Data; Artificial Intelligence; Textual Analysis
  • Financial Technology and Innovation; Digital Economics
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Decentralised Finance

Law and Finance

  • Banking and Finance Law; Regulation of Financial Markets
  • Financial Regulation; Financial Crime; Fraud; CSiR
  • Forensic Accounting; Forensic Finance
  • Economic Law and Business Law

Centre committee members

Centre Director

Centre Secretary

PGR Programme Lead

Event Lead

Research Theme Leads

PhD programmes

Our research philosophy and culture aims to nurture the next generation of researchers and innovation leaders, and develop Ph.D. candidates’ potential. At the CISF, we deliver Ph.D. programmes in the above three areas, which are built on our supervisors’ experience and in-depth expertise — and our research culture aims to nurture the next generation of researchers and innovation leaders.

For more information, please email or visit the University's Current PhD Projects page.

Centre PhD students

PhD supervisor (s): Dr. Roza Sagitova and Dr. Sonia Brandon

Entry year: Feb 2023


Supervisors: Dr Paraskevas Pagas (First Supervisor) and Dr Arief Daynes (Second Supervisor)

Entry date: 2022


Supervisor: Professor Mark Xu

Entry date: 2020


Supervisors: Dr. Roza Sagitova and Dr. Sonia Brandon

Entry date: 2019


Supervisors: Professor Homagni Choudhury

Entry: 2022


Supervisors: Dr Joe Cox, Prof Andy Thorpe, Dr Xiaodong Wang

Entry: 2021


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