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The best way to experience Portsmouth is in person – but if you can't make a trip to see us for an Open Day, this Virtual Experience is here to capture some of the character of our city, and to give you a taste of what life is like as a student in our Faculty of Science and Health.

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Welcome to the faculty of Science and Health

Explore the faculty of Science and Health at the University of Portsmouth - where you'll explore biology, chemistry, earth sciences, psychology, sport and exercise and health sciences on the BSc (Hons) Science with Foundation Year.

Explore our facilities

As a student in the Faculty of Science and Health, you'll have access to amazing facilities here – discover some of our exceptional teaching, learning, and lab spaces.

Centre for Simulation in Health and Care

Learn practical healthcare skills and apply your anatomical and physiological knowledge in a safe, contextual space using current clinical equipment.

Student nurses treating patient
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Institute of Marine Sciences

Explore the marine ecosystems of the Solent European Marine Site at our shoreside marine station, complete with floating research platform, £2 million aquarium and laboratory suite, and 2 research vessels, RV Calypso and RV Noctiluca

IMS Pontoon; 18th June 2019
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Physiology Laboratory

This lab includes treadmills, a swim bench, ergometers and a physiological monitoring kit for analysing athletes' blood, heart rate, and urine.

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Physiology Laboratory

This lab includes treadmills, a swim bench, ergometers and a physiological monitoring kit for analysing athletes' blood, heart rate, and urine.

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Pharmacy and Biomedical Science Teaching Centre

Practise the skills needed to diagnose and help people manage diseases, including collaborative microscopy - examining 3D microscopic images on a big screen with academics and other students. 

A collective microscopy session in our Pharmacy and Biomedical Science Teaching Centre
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Extreme environments laboratories

See how altitude and humidity affect people's comfort, performance and survival. Features an immersion pool and swimming flume, which acts like a treadmill for swimmers.

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Mass Spectrometry and Laser Ablation Laboratory

Investigate the geological and planetary processes that influence environment change and natural resource formation in this lab, using our industry standard spectrometers and laser ablation system.

Burnaby June 2019
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Environmental Chemistry Analysis Laboratory

Use the equipment in this lab to identify and analyse chemicals and biochemicals in surface water, groundwater and soil, so you can develop strategies to minimise and remove their harmful environmental effects.

An image of test tubes
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Careers support

Your degree is just the start of your career – when you study with us at the Faculty of Science and Health, we'll help you find a work placement during your studies, and our Careers and Employability Service can give you career guidance for up to 5 years after you graduate. We can even help you get your own startup company off the ground.

IMS Pontoon; 18th June 2019

Helping you reach your career goals, step by step

Find out more about science and health care placements

Life outside study

You'll have lots to discover outside of University. Portsmouth is a great place to live and one of the most affordable student cities in the UK.

Art, culture and nightlife in Portsmouth

There's so much to see and do in Portsmouth – from art galleries and museums, to nightclubs and late-night cafes

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Beaches, piers and parks

Portsmouth is a bustling city with the sea on our doorstep and green spaces all around.

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Sport in Portsmouth

From water sports to football and quidditch - few cities can compete with Portsmouth's sports opportunities.

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Societies and student union

Find out more about the University of Portsmouth Students' Union – from how to get involved in its running, to the clubs and societies you can join as a member.

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Hear from our students

Discover stories from our students and recent graduates, and find out why they chose to studying in the Faculty of Science and Health, and where their degrees have taken them so far.

Sophie's story

Hear what it's like to study at Portsmouth

Hear from BSc (Hons) Pharmacology student Sophie Karen Llewellyn about her time at Portsmouth.

I love studying Pharmacology at Portsmouth because there’s a really great community of students and lecturers. After graduation I’m hoping to do a Masters of Research in drug discovery, and then after that hopefully I’ll be doing a PhD and then working in a lab in a pharmaceutical company. 

I’m president of the Pharmacological Society – we run loads of really cool events which are both social and academic. 

I would definitely recommend Portsmouth to any student who wants to go into further education. It’s not only a great university academically – there’s a great community feel here. You get great student support so I would definitely recommend it. 

Naomi Morris - BSc (Hons) Environmental Hazards

We're a great university, but don't just take our word for it. Read Naomi's story, graduate in BSc (Hons) Environmental Hazards.

Naomi tending to a child
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Lena Lee Vun Shin - BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology

We're a great university, but don't just take our word for it. Read Lena's story, graduate in BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology.

NetNatives International Stories 2018.
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Delia Gadea - BSc (Hons) Environmental Studies

We're a great university, but don't just take our word for it. Read Delia's story, graduate in BSc (Hons) Environmental Studies.

NetNatives International Stories 2018.
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Our students' and academics' achievements

We're incredibly proud of our students and academics. Discover some of the stories of how they put their skills into practice.

Discover our courses

Explore the subject areas you can study in the Faculty of Science and Health and find the course for you. 

Biological sciences courses

Get a deep knowledge of the natural world on our biological sciences courses, learning how to harness the earth and combat biological threats to humanity.

Biological science model on display in a lab
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Earth sciences

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Geography and environmental science

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Healthcare and social care courses

The world needs healthcare and social care professionals – and our courses can help start your exciting career in the field.

clinical health book and stethoscope
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Psychology and Sociology Courses

Learn the science of the mind on our BPS accredited Psychology courses, and its place in society thr

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Sport science courses

A career in the sport and exercise industry – in whatever field you are aiming for – starts with one of our courses in sport and exercise science.

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Explore our research

Discover some of the research we do in our four main research areas across the Faculty. 

Biological Sciences

We're exploring how to treat genetic disorders, identifying novel targets for drugs and searching for advances in treatments that could impact millions. Explore our biological sciences research.

Male scientist holding sea creatures
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Health and Social Care

We're exploring managing the demands of an ageing population, rising numbers of mental health problems, and increasing complex, long-term health problems. Explore our Health and Social Care research.

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Sports and Exercise Science

We're researching sport and exercise science with the goal of enhancing human performance and health.

Man walking on treadmill with monitors
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We're exploring topics from child development of social skills to eye witness testimony, and from the evolution of primate facial expressions to factors affecting drug use. Explore our psychology research.

Psychology researcher examining eye movement on screen
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