I have taught at the Portsmouth School of Architecture since 1995. Pursuing a life-long interest in the architecture of cities I studied at the South Bank Polytechnic School of Architecture in London. i worked in practice in London from 1982 to 1992, although my professional experience in architecture goes back to 1974. Taking up a teaching post at what had by then become the South Bank University School of Architecture, I taught in and later ran the Dip Arch Urban Design Studio until 1997, when I began teaching full-time at Portsmouth.

In 1991 I formed the Bureau for Architecture & Urban Design (BA+UD) with Prof. Cliff Nicholls and took part in and won awards for several international urban design competitions in Dublin, Yokohama, Karlsruhe, Berlin and Copenhagen.

Research interests

My interest and experience in urban design and housing have led to inclusions in several publications and conference presentations. These have included:

  • Making Cities Livable conference, Venice, 2005
  • South Coast Towns conference, Eastbourne, 2005
  • Living in the City conference, Krakow Technical University, and publication, 2007
  • WIT Ecosystems & Sustainable Development VI conference, University of Coimbra, and publication, 2007
  • EAAE Urban Housing and the European City publication, 2004
  • EAAE The European City – Architectural Interventions and Urban Transformations conference, TU Delft, and publication, 2005