Ekaterina Shelest Portrait

Ekaterina Shelest


I am a bioinformatician specializing in sequence analysis, with particular interest to transcription regulation and comparative genomics. My primary research interests include evolution of regulatory factors (e.g., transcription factors) and its impact on adaptation, applied genomics, gene clusters in eukaryotic genomes, and discovery of peculiar enzymes in genomes of peculiar creatures.  As a bioinformatician, I develop bioinformatics tools for all that.


Having a background in molecular biology, I made my PhD in bioinformatics in the field of promoter modelling and transcription regulation in Braunschweig Technical University (Braunschweig, Germany). In my further research, I continued to work in the field of systems biology of transcription regulation, having developed a number of bioinformatics methods and tools for prediction of transcription factors  and their binding sites. In the postdoc years, I switched to fungal biology with emphasis on microbial genomics, interspecies communications, secondary metabolism, and comparative genomics. I was busy with developing bioinformatics methods and applying them to mostly, but not only, fungal systems. In 2017-2020 I was the head of the Bioinformatics support unit at German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) (Leipzig, Germany). As biodiversity name suggests, we dealt with various organisms, from bacteria to fungi, plants, and animals. In that role, I got an opportunity to work on metagenomics projects, and supervise development of integrative approaches for -omics data. In 2020, I was happy to join the Centre for Enzyme Innovation in Portsmouth, UK, where, among other projects, I am involved in analysis of genomes and transcriptomes of marine wood-borers.