I obtained my BSc (Hons) in Forensic Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Portsmouth, where I also stayed to complete my PhD in Forensic Entomology under the supervision of Dr Michelle Harvey. This work involved morphological and molecular analysis of the blowfly pupal stage for the purpose of age and time-since-death estimation.

I now teach forensic science, taphonomy, entomology and crime science on the BSc Criminology and Forensic Studies and MSc Forensic Investigation courses, giving lectures, seminars and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate project students. These students continue to work along side me on my research interests, namely larval and pupal development and also local patterns of decomposition and succession.

Research interests

My main research interests involve the examination of blowfly pupal development at the morphological and molecular levels, for the purpose of time-since-death estimation. My current project students are examining decomposition and insect succession in different environments within the local area, as well as larval development under differing feeding conditions.

I currently have three PhD and three MSc research students, exploring a range of topics from aquatic decomposition, entomological succession, VOC analysis and 3D technologies for bone reconstruction. PhD applications welcome!