Menelaos Tasiou Portrait

Dr Menelaos Tasiou


My name is Menelaos Tasiou, I grew up in the mountainous areas of Northern Greece and I live in the UK. I am a Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods and Data Analytics at the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Economics (University of Crete, Greece), a Master's degree in Banking and Finance (Surrey Business School), and a PhD in Economics and Finance (Portsmouth Business School).

Research interests

My research lies in the intersection of Finance, Decision Analysis and Management Science and revolves around quantitative modelling of decision-making, and empirical corporate finance and banking applications. My interests are in the areas of corporate finance, financial institutions, and sustainable finance and mostly deal with topics in firm efficiency, performance and risk, credit scoring and ESG analytics modelling, corporate governance and behaviours arising from collective norms and cultural traits. 


Selected recent publications:

  • Gaganis, C., Papadimitri, P., Pasiouras, F., & Tasiou, M. (2022). Social traits and credit card default: a two-stage prediction framework. Annals of Operations Research, 1-23.
  • Gaganis, C., Pasiouras, F., Tasiou, M., & Zopounidis, C. (2021). CISEF: A composite index of social, environmental and financial performance. European Journal of Operational Research291(1), 394-409.
  • Ishizaka, A., Lokman, B., & Tasiou, M. (2021). A stochastic multi-criteria divisive hierarchical clustering algorithm. Omega103, 102370.
  • Papadimitri, P., Pasiouras, F., & Tasiou, M. (2021). Do national differences in social capital and corporate ethical behaviour perceptions influence the use of collateral? Cross-country evidence. Journal of Business Ethics172(4), 765-784.

Teaching responsabilities

My teaching responsibilities include delivery of lectures and workshops in the Advanced Global Financial Management and Critical Issues in Accounting and Finance modules, and coordination of the undergraduate Dissertation module for BA Accounting with Finance and Financial Management courses.