Miss Nuria Bachiller Jareno


I am the GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist Technician in SEGG. My expertise lies in the acquisition, management, analysis and publication of a wide range of environmental data from various sources, with a particular focus on the development of analysis workflows to integrate remotely-sensed and in-situ data.

I have worked for the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) as an environmental data scientist providing geospatial and data management support to research projects focused on understanding the natural environment and its response, present and future, to human activities. For example, I used photogrammetry-derived and LIDAR data to develop a methodology to quantify riparian shade as a means to understand the effect of riparian shade in river water temperature and other water quality parameters. This work was part of an ongoing research partnership with the Environment Agency (EA) to understand the effect of climate change on eutrophication risk thresholds in English rivers.

In my time at UKCEH I worked alongside scientists to make data outputs available or more accessible for use in environmental research. I led the rescue and publication of legacy datasets from NERC river catchment monitoring programmes LOIS and LOCAR. I coordinated the preparation, documentation and publication of the data outputs of NERC Historic Droughts project. I developed a netCDF metadata standard and best practice guide for UKCEH’s Hydro-Jules project which was followed by other projects.


I graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), with a Bachelor degree in Geological Sciences, before receiving a Postgraduate award (equivalent to British MPhil) in Geosciences.

In 1999 I took on the position as Laboratory technician for the Geology department at Kingston University, where I was responsible for the administrative and technical management of the geochemistry lab serving post-graduate and students and NERC ICP-MS facility users. Between 2000-2003 I joined UCL to provide technical and analytical support to NERC funded project "Measuring the bulk rheology of orogenic crust and lithospheric mantle from rates of tectonic process". 

In 2004, after completing the taught part of my MSc in Remote Sensing with GIS (Greenwich University, UK), I joined Atkins Ltd as a GIS specialist. 

In 2010 I joined the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (former NERC CEH) where I contributed to a variety of interdisciplinary research projects with a requirement for data engineering and spatial analysis. During this period I was part of the team that established and ran NERC EDS EIDC and provided advice and guidance to data authors to make published data FAIR

In Octobre 2021 I joined the University of Portsmouth as a Specialist Technician in the School of the Environment, Geography and Geosciences.