Dr. Ozlem Araci joined Portsmouth Business School as a lecturer in Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management subject group in 2021. She previously held the post of Assistant Professor in Management Sciences at Istanbul University. She was awarded her Ph.D. degree in Management and Organisation and passed with no corrections. Her dissertation covers how multiple identities diversify and structure strategic responses of organizations.

In 2013, Ozlem was delighted to have the opportunity to be a visiting scholar at the Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University. During her visiting scholar period, she joined the international project and worked as a co-PI. In addition, she taught post-graduate level at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw.

She has papers published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals such as Human Resource Management Journal, Journal for East European Management Studies, Journal of Business Venturing Insights, Human Factors, and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries, Management Research Review.

Research interests

One of her principal research interests is “diversity and inclusion” at work. Her recent paper examines the awareness and embeddedness of diversity in organizational practices by considering the gap between policy discourses and diversity practices. This article was published in the Human Resource Management Journal.

Her current research explores the notion of social impact and investigates perspectives of companies to “do good for society”.

Ozlem has supervised undergraduate and postgraduate level dissertations on topics that include  leadership, corporate social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion, human resource management 

Teaching responsibilities

She currently teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate modules in the areas of Organisations Studies and Human Resource Management.