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We know you've got big plans. Here’s how you get there.

You’re bound to have questions as you prepare for university. Which undergrad course? How does UCAS work? What will my new city be like?

But it's simple when you break it down into smaller steps. Here, you’ll find videos and tips with the latest advice on applying to uni and kick-starting your future – and everything in between. Whenever you feel like you need it.

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Topics covered

Thinking about uni

Explore the reasons to go to uni, how to choose a subject you'll love and different routes to getting a degree.

Preparing for uni

Get the most out of your Open Day visits, develop your skills and experiences and lots more.

Applying to uni

Write a show-stopping personal statement, narrow down your choices and nail your UCAS application.

Life at uni

Uni is more than a place to learn. Learn how to choose a place to live, work and enjoy yourself.