Sports student Aaron Patel

Student Aaron Patel explains why he can’t wait to get into Ravelin Sports Centre’s new gym

  • 12 July 2021
  • 3 min read

I played Academy Cricket from the age of 12 up until coming to university.  Since then I have really got into fitness. I'm now a qualified health nutritionist and I run my own fitness page on Instagram It's busy but I'm enjoying it. My first year at university was about having fun and going out. But around January last year, I thought I need to actually focus on what I want to do for a career. That's when I started my fitness page. 

Playing sports helped me to take my mind off thinking about my family and mates back home

Aaron Patel , Student

My home is Coventry, four hours away. Getting a train back home is costly so before Lockdown, I only went home at Christmas.  Going to the gym and playing sports helped me to take my mind off thinking about my family and mates back at home. I need to work out because I feel so much better for it.  Being in the gym takes an hour out of my day, to focus on myself. If I push as hard as I can, I know I won't face any harder challenges during the day because I've already pushed my mindset through that workout.  This is what keeps me motivated.

Ravelin Sports Centre is going to be massive for students…and will create a community

Aaron Patel, Student

Ravelin Sports Centre is going to be massive for students, 100 percent. It's going to create a community. If you're a regular gym goer, there will be space to meet, talk about your course, different sports and develop your network. For students, who are not into sports, I reckon they will be curious and they'll want to try it out. This new University facility will inspire them to start getting into fitness. 

Ravelin Sports Centre will also create a new environment, a whole facility for sports. There's going to be a swimming pool, a gym and virtual skiing, which will get more people to take part. I'm also looking forward to chilling outside in the park with my friends, especially in the summer.

CAD image of the weights area inside Ravelin Sports Centre

A great the opportunity to network

Aaron Patel, Student

A great benefit of using the University’s sport facilities is the opportunity to network with our sports lecturers and staff. When I was training and running the Strength and Conditioning sessions, I'd get an hour block from six to seven on a Monday in the gym to use all the equipment.  This helped me to plan a session and create a programme.  So when Ravelin Sports Centre opens, I will definitely be in the gym.  I can't wait! 


Aaron has just completed his 2nd year studying Sport Management and Development. He is also a volunteer Junior Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University’s cricket teams.


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