Inspiration is yours for the taking. Here's how to make the most of your Open Day visits.

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Nothing beats visiting a university at an Open Day. They’re a great way to get the information you need – if you’re prepared.

From speaking to current students, to exploring the facilities and speaking to your future lecturers, here's everything you need to get the most out of your visits.

How to make the most out of Open Days

Make the experience work for you

Going to an Open Day will give you a good idea of the all-important student experience. Check out Open Days involve and how you can prepare for them. 

Key takeaways

Open Days are a chance to compare your shortlisted universities, see what courses and facilities are like, look at accommodation options and chat to students and staff about any questions or concerns you have. And if you prepare well, you can get this information – whether you attend in person or virtually.

Top tips before visiting

Book your spot

See when the Open Days take place and save your place. When you check in at Portsmouth, we give you everything you need to enjoy your visit, including a programme for the day that gives you and your guests free drinks in selected University cafes.

Prepare ahead

Prepare any questions you may have for current students and lecturers and make a checklist for the day, including what time your subject talk is taking place, seeing specific accommodation, halls or campus tours or anything else.

Research the course and uni

The same courses aren't always the same. Explore the course you like at each particular uni and make sure it’s the right environment for you. Need help? Learn how to choose a course and university.

Check out the area

Get to know what the area surrounding the university is like, in terms of transport links, social activities, the size of the university and how affordable it is to live there. Whether you're a foodie, sports fan or music lover, Portsmouth has something for you.

Questions to ask students at Open Days

Students really do know best. Speak to student ambassadors to get a true reflection of what university is like. Here's a list of questions to get you started:

  • Are your lecturers supportive?
  • How much contact time do you have in your course?
  • Do you get opportunities for practical learning?
  • How and where are the halls of residence?
  • Where do students tend to live in second and third year?
  • How affordable is accommodation in the city?
  • How do you find the city?
  • Have you taken part in any societies at university?
  • Is it easy to get involved in the Student Union?
  • Have you done a placement year and how did the university support you?
  • Are there any support and wellbeing services?
  • Is there someone to talk to about issues with housing?
  • Is there financial support?
  • Is there a careers team that can help you find a part time job, or work placement?

Top tips during your visit

Take a pen and paper

You may not think it, but having this handy means you can make note of all the things you come across on your Open Day. This will also help when it comes to comparing universities after your visit.

Halls tours

We know that moving away from home is a big step. Make sure the accommodation suits your needs by going on a tour of the halls. Our Open Days give you the chance to look around many of our halls of residence to compare options and see where you’ll be living.

Campus and city tours

As well as seeing halls of residence, try to go on tours of the city and campus. After all, living at uni is also about the student experience. So best to get to know your new digs.

Go to specific subject talks and workshops

The subject talks give you the chance to get a taste of the courses you’re interested in and take a look at where you’ll be studying. You can also speak with teaching staff and current students.

Check out the facilities

Use this opportunity to check out the facilities you will use for your studies like the library and the ones you can use outside of the lecture theatre like the students union and gyms. 

After your visit

Reflect on the questions that you’ve asked and think about whether this uni is a good fit for you. Ask yourself whether you can see yourself living and studying here for at least 3 years.

What our ambassadors thought of Open Days

Get the inside scoop

Hear from our student ambassadors as they take a look back at their Open Day experiences, sharing information on course leaders, lecturers, students and our friendly support staff, accommodation halls and our beautiful city.

Explore our island city at an Open Day

With our university woven through the heart of the UK’s only island city, it’s all on your doorstep. And inspiration is yours for the taking.

As well as learning more about your course and seeing the University, you can also get expert advice on applying to uni, funding your studies and writing your personal statement. Save your place now at our next Open Day.

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