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Georgia Orme

Third Year Bsc (Hons) Dental Hygiene and Therapy Student

By winning this award, I can make the most of my position as a dental hygienist and therapist without financial constraints holding me back. Being at uni has created so many memories both with friends and through my course. The hands-on nature of dentistry has meant that we have done some exciting placements in hospitals and in the community, meaning I’ve experienced interesting cases and met all kinds of people. The social aspect of uni is unlike anywhere else. Being around your friends all the time means that you do so many new things together, like spending days at the beach, which have created memories I will never forget. Portsmouth is a great place to come to uni as it has such a mixed environment, making it perfect for all situations. I have spent a lot of time at the beach and parks across the seafront going for walks with my friends to help get a break between studying. 

Winning this award will allow me to complete development courses in specialised areas of dentistry. By doing these courses, I can strengthen my existing skill set and learn new techniques to make me a stronger, more qualified clinician which will benefit me after graduation and into my career. I specifically want to complete courses that will train me in tooth whitening, periodontal treatment, and aesthetic dentistry, as these are areas of interest for me. Being able to expand in these fields will make my work more personally fulfilling and interesting, making me very grateful for the award!

Holly Baker

Third Year BSc (Hons) Marine Environmental Science Student

I applied for the award after receiving an email from the university. I clicked on the link from the email and it took me less than 10 minutes to apply. I really didn't think I would actually win. 

My favourite thing about the University of Portsmouth is how the city is so close to the seafront/beach. Myself and friends find ourselves down there near enough everyday to either enjoy some sun, go for a swim or have a BBQ. I hope to use the award to treat myself to some new equipment to aid my studies. 


Big congratulations to the 6 lucky students who will receive awards and can put £2,000 toward enhancing their learning experience. 

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Over 2,200 students, in any year of study, entered the Santander Universities UK award competition, exclusive to the University of Portsmouth. A lucky 6 were randomly selected to receive awards of £2,000 and can now put their money toward boosting their student experience in whatever way suits them best. It might be professional development courses, lightening the load of bills, buying new textbooks or a laptop. 

Two of the lucky winners

I applied to the Santander Award, as it would allow me to maximise my student experience and my clinical knowledge.
Georgia Orme, Bsc (Hons) Dental Hygiene and Therapy
With the award I can now enjoy my final year without having to stress about the financial side of university.
Holly Baker, BSc (Hons) Marine Environmental Science