Graduate film nominated for Royal Television Society Award

Here Be Dragons, a film by BA (Hons) Film Production graduates, has been shortlisted for a Royal Television Society (RTS) award in the Comedy Drama category.

The short film is a comical, heart-warming twist on the typical 'coming of age' road trip genre. Shot entirely in the Scottish Highlands, the film centres on Mary, a 70-year-old sarcastic and eccentric author who finds herself in a later-life crisis. With the help of two conspiracy-theorist brothers and a runaway bride, Mary finds her new beginning wasn't quite what she had in mind.

The awards will be held at Winchester Guildhall on 8 March 2019, and will see the University compete against Winchester, Bournemouth, University of the Creative Art and Southampton Solent for the accolade.

We're proud to have Here Be Dragons representing the University at the RTS Awards, as it demonstrates the essence of our BA (Hons) Film Production course: original, creative and sophisticated filmmaking. Get a sneak peek of it below.

2018 graduate short film 'Here Be Dragons'

Watch the trailer for 2018 graduate short film 'Here Be Dragons', nominated for a Royal Television Society Award.

[00:00:02] Have you ever done anything for love?

[00:00:04] No – I can't say that I have

[00:00:07] It's a tale of two lovers...

[00:00:09] ... Divided by time...

[00:00:10] ... And reunited by the strength of their love...

[00:00:14] ... And sense of adventure

[00:00:16] She got divorced and now she's looking for some bloke...

[00:00:18] ... That she banged 50 years ago

[00:00:20] At least I'm not going on a wild goose chase...

[00:00:22] ... Looking for the Loch Ness bloody Monster!

[00:00:24] That has been a dream of ours since we were very, very little...

[00:00:27] ... And at this rate, it isn't going to happen

[00:00:28] # Chanting folk music #

[00:00:37] So, where are you actually going?

[00:00:39] To find a dragon

[00:00:41] Oh – and the Loch Ness Monster

[00:00:44] # Chanting folk music continues #

[00:00:50] Well I'm definitely no virgin

[00:00:52] # Chanting folk music continues #