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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
572 posts found

Oral Manifestations of COVID-19 (Orion C-19) Research Study This study investigates the characteristics of oral manifestations of COVID-19 at different stages of the disease

15 June 2021

We are looking for volunteers who have had COVID-19 willing to provide anonymous information about their oral health and how COVID-19 has affected their quality of life.


New material inspired by spider silk could help solve our plastic problem

10 June 2021 7 min read

Professor Hom Dhakal writes for the Conversation on how plastics have caused serious environmental pollution, and the new material that mimics spider silk made from abundant and sustainable plant proteins

Oranges in a plastic bag

Small is better? The resurrection of the seven-inch single PhD student, Gary Clarke, shares his discovery of the revival of the 7” single vinyl while funding his studies.

09 June 2021 6 min read

The sales and prices of new and secondhand 7” singles are booming in record shops, alongside the resurrection of vinyl albums, explains PhD student Gary Clarke.

Person browsing second hand vinyl records

Exposure to decreased oxygen environments

07 June 2021 4 min read

We intend to study your responses to breathing three different levels of oxygen.

man breathing into oxygen mask

Applying the AIM technique to virtual interviews

07 June 2021 2 min read

The study will involve participants either lying or telling the truth in an interview about their whereabouts for the 30 minutes prior to the interview.

filming an interview

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