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Hasan's PhD is helping him improve people's lives

My PhD is a stepping stone towards my future goal of becoming a researcher who solves real-world problems and makes people’s lives better.

I became interested in pursuing a research degree while doing my MSc at the University of Portsmouth, because of how inspirational the academic team at the University is. Hearing them talking about their research and the Centre for Operational Research and Logistics (CORL) made me realise that I wanted to be part of this environment.

I chose to study for my MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management because I wanted a new challenge, to build my network and meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. I chose Portsmouth because of its rich naval history that is related to my area of study and its Gold Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) rating.

I discovered that Portsmouth is a great place to be. Both the University and the city are very welcoming and friendly, the atmosphere is very safe and peaceful, and there is always something to do no matter what you're looking for or where you come from. I've lived in and visited many cities across the UK but never found "Home" in any city other than Portsmouth.

I gained an impressive level of satisfaction from doing my MSc at Portsmouth and chose to stay for my PhD thanks to the academic and professional departments that were always there to help support me when I needed them during my MSc and the PhD admission period. My current supervisors were my MSc lecturers and role models that I continue to look up to. I also received a 20% alumni discount from the University of Portsmouth when I joined the PhD programme after finishing my MSc.

Alongside my studies, I founded a company that manages multiple innovative online retail brands. I spend most of my day working on my research project, and my free time working on my company’s projects. I enjoy a 2-hour walk to the beach and canoe lake every day and I also enjoy visiting Gunwharf Quays every week. I love to write Arabic literature when I am relaxing.

I love working with students, and my goal is to join academia as a researcher and lecturer alongside starting my own operational research company. Through my research, I hope to contribute to the world’s knowledge and help improve people’s lives through research and innovation.

If you're thinking of studying at Portsmouth, I advise you to reach out to departments or ambassadors if you have questions about the university, the admission process, the city, the course or anything you need support with.

Being at Portsmouth has given me the confidence I needed to pursue my ideas. The University has equipped me with the skills I need to achieve the goals related to these ideas, and it taught me that it is always fine to speak out and to let my voice be heard.

Hasan Altooq, PhD Mathematics

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