Male and female nursing students take notes


Your taster into nursing at university

There’s always demand for nurses and it takes a special kind of person to work in the field. Nurses require empathy, compassion and commitment, as well as professional and specialist training and there are many Nursing pathways that people can choose if they wish to train as a Nurse.

At the University of Portsmouth, students can choose to specialise in:

Adult Nursing - to work in Nursing and Midwifery

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Dental Nursing - to work as a dental practitioner

Female nurse speaking to elderly female patient in wheelchair

Mental Health Nursing - to work to support wellbeing

Of course there are many more Nursing pathways and you can find out more on the NHS website.

Health careers


Nursing in action

As well as specialist training to become a Nurse, you’ll also need to demonstrate some key values and attributes - these are the traits that make Nurses so special.

The below activity provides an example of the kind of care provided by Nurses when it comes to Mental Health. As you play the video, you’ll be asked some questions and your answer will determine what happens next. See if you can spot some of the above values in action.


Values quiz

Can you match these values to their definitions? Drag and drop the words to their correct positions.

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