Skyscraper with plants growing up the facade, Sydney

Environmental analysis and design research

Explore our work in this area of expertise, one of 8 within our Architecture, Interiors and Urbanism research

To react to issues both now and in the future, such as climate change, we need to rethink the way we build cities – from the types of buildings we construct, to open spaces we create – and the impact they all have on our atmosphere.

This shift in the way we approach the built environment can offer opportunities for development of new design and power generation. In the future, architecture won't define objects, but rather inform hybrid landscapes, with processes to adapt to extreme conditions, like flooding and desertification.

New techniques, smart technology, and the use of advanced digital tools will become essential to the development of a discipline that focuses on the future.

Our research covers the following topics


  • Sustainable architecture
  • Resilience
  • Climate sensitive design

Discover our areas of Expertise

Environmental analysis and design is one of our 8 areas of research expertise in Architecture, Interiors and Urbanism – explore the other 7 below.

Sustainable urbanism

We're exploring the models, technology and policies that can guide governments and planners to develop sustainable cities.
Sustainable housing at Priddy's Hard, Gosport
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Architectural and urban history and theory

Our research in this area of expertise is bridging the gap between the technical and humanistic aspects of architectural and urban history and theory.
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Green infrastructures

We're planning cities that can be both liveable for humans, while not resulting in further decline to the planet's ecological vitality.
A view of Portsmouth from Catherine House looking towards Spinnaker Tower
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Interior design theory and practice

We're investigating how architects and designers might rethink the way they approach interior spaces, by exploring how buildings are used by people.
Retro Chair, Bike and Cabinet
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Digital design and new technologies

We're studying the integration of digital technology and new technologies in architectural planning, urban planning, and sustainability – and how they can impact future design processes.
3d printer model of a new building and city
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Historic environments and conservation

We're looking at how architecture, community and creative technologies can play a role in enhancing historic environments.
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Design education

We're researching issues related to teaching and learning within creative and design disciplines, focusing on pedagogy, curriculum, student engagement, and learning theories.
Close-up design alphabet
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