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Forensics research

Explore our work in forensics, one of our areas of research expertise in Criminology

Forensic science has made a huge contribution to contemporary justice. Developments such a fingerprinting, forensic investigation and DNA recovery have changed the way crime is detected, prevented and investigated. 

As crime trends evolve, our Forensics research is continuing to use science to identify, eliminate, reconstruct and inform how crime is investigated, and to support the justice process whenever and wherever that support is needed.

Our research focuses on the following key topics

  • Fingerprints
  • Digital forensics
  • Fire investigation
  • Wildlife crime
  • Firearms
  • DNA recovery
  • Forensic entomology
  • Human factors and decision-making
  • 3D scene and evidence capture (augmented and virtual reality)

Partnerships and collaborations

Many of our research projects involve extensive collaboration: we're working with Hampshire Constabulary Scientific Services to find key issues in their forensic practices, and researching ways to positively change how they work.

We're also partnering with Hampshire Constabulary on a two-year project known as The Cybercrime Awareness Clinic. The clinic provides advice to groups vulnerable to cybercrime in the local Portsmouth community, and carries out research with older people, small and medium organisations and children in schools, as well as college students. 

We work with Hampshire Fire and Rescue on forensic education research, and regularly collaborate with other organisation across the forensic community – including the Defence School of Policing and Guarding, and industry partners such as Key Forensic Services Ltd – to deliver bespoke, strategic research projects.


Much of our research is centred on the University's Forensic Innovation Centre (FIC), an interdisciplinary team of experts working together to develop forensic research with the potential to make real impact.

The University is home to exceptional facilities that play a key role in the work we do, including analytical, search and recover, and educational support systems. We also have access to 3D capture and imaging technology in our research and teaching laboratories.

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