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Sport and Exercise Science Research

Explore our research in extreme environments, occupational and organisational performance, and physical activity, health and rehabilitation

The aim of our Sport and Exercise Science research is to enhance human performance and health. Our research has international impact – whether helping elite sports men and women to win Olympic medals, developing safety guidelines for sporting bodies, improving the quality of life of individuals with chronic disease or protecting workers in arduous conditions.

Our interdisciplinary, fundamental and applied research uses exceptional facilities in our Department of Sport and Exercise Science – including our sports and human performance testing facilities – and directly benefits athletes, patients and workers across various sporting groups, clinical conditions, industries and organisations.

Explore our areas of expertise in Sport and Exercise Science

Extreme environments

We investigate the physiological and psychological responses to some of the harshest environments on Earth, and our research informs the selection, preparation and protection of individuals required to perform in these conditions.

Choppy waters with floating life ring buoy
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Individual, occupational and organisational performance

We investigate the factors influencing the effective function of organisations, and provide the evidence needed to develop safe and fair policies and standards for people working in arduous or physically-demanding occupations.

RNLI lifeboat crew in a boat on the water
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Physical Activity, Health and Rehabilitation

We're investigating ways to increase physical activity, how to rehabilitate individuals from conditions that prevent them from being active, and exploring the positive benefits of physical activity in a variety of clinical and non-clinical contexts.

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Research groups

Research Group in Breast Health

Our Research Group in Breast Health uses our expertise in breast biomechanics to provide bra testing services and educational resources.

Woman tested as a volunteer in the research group in breast health
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Interested in a PhD in Sport & Exercise Science?

Browse our postgraduate research degrees – including PhDs and MPhils – at our Sport & Exercise Science postgraduate research degrees page.