Research centres and groups

Our research centres, institutes, groups, clusters and networks bring together expertise and resources from across the University to tackle the planet's pressing issues.

Research centres and institutes

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Explore the work we're doing in other research centres and institutes across the University.


Advanced Games Research Group

Our research feeds into the design, development, and release of commercial and free games.

Advanced Polymers and Composites Research Group

At the University of Portsmouth we're advancing research into the way products are made, and the materials used to make them.

Applied Physics Research Group

Academics and researchers in our School of Mathematics and Physics come together to conduct applied physics research in areas including quantum information technologies, quantum optics, quantum foundations, advanced materials, and cosmology and gravitation.

Architectural and Urban History and Theory research group

Our research group focuses on narratives of place and the construction of new discourses in architecture, interiors, landscape and urbanism.

Autism Research Network

The Autism Research Network promotes communication amongst researchers, practitioners, cares, parents and autistic people.

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Biodiversity and Evolution Research Group

We explore the diversity of life from the molecular level to ecosystems. Our theoretical insights underpin practical measures to protect biodiversity.

Biomedical Engineering Research Group

We're exploring biological systems and solving problems at the boundary of engineering and life sciences.

Body Politics Research Group

Body Politics engages with cultural constructions of literal and metaphorical bodies in text and performance from the 16th century to the present.

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The Centre for Creative and Immersive Extended Reality (CCIXR) is the UK’s first integrated facility to support innovation in the creative and digital technologies of virtual, augmented and extended realities.

Centre for Applied Geosciences

At the Centre for Applied Geosciences we investigate natural and manmade hazards and geo-heritage conservation.

Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in Language Sciences and Education

At the Centre for Applied Research & Innovation in Language Sciences & Education we explore how language is shown in the brain, how its produced & understood

Centre for Blue Governance

Aquatic environments cover more than 70% of the earth's surface – find out how our Centre for Blue Governance is securing the future of the planet's marine and freshwaters

Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology

Researchers in the Centre for Comparative & Evolutionary Psychology explore evolutionary processes & developments shaping animal behaviour.

Centre for Counter Fraud Studies

The Centre for Counter Fraud Studies accommodates the growing interest in counter fraud as a research discipline.

Centre for Enzyme Innovation

We're working to save the natural world from the environmental problems humanity has caused. Our current projects involve finding the solution to one of the world's greatest environmental challenges - plastic waste. Find out more about our research and breakthroughs.

Centre for European and International Studies Research

Our Centre for European & International Studies Research is a community of linguists, historians, sociologists, political scientists & anthropologists

Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics

Our Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics helps the NHS and social care organisations become more efficient and improve service delivery.

Centre for Operational Research and Logistics

At the Centre for Operational Research and Logistics, we're sharing knowledge to overcome operational and logistical challenges.

Centre for Interaction, Development and Diversity

At our Centre for Interaction, Development and Diversity we study psychological phenomena in relation to the contexts in which they happen.

Centre for Studies in Literature

The Centre for Studies in Literature promotes research excellence in literary studies and explores history & culture through literature research. Find out more

Centre for the Study of Missing Persons

The Centre for the Study of Missing Persons provides focus for research, knowledge transfer and educational provision in the field.

Centre of Forensic Interviewing

The Centre of Forensic Interviewing brings together research, teaching and training in the field of interview practice

Citizenship, Race and Belonging

Discover this research network exploring questions about who belongs within the nation-state, why and how 'outsiders' have been perceived.

Clinical microbiology research group

We are evaluating and improving the teaching of clinical professionals: methods, mentors and environment. We also study pharmacy professionals and their practice.

Cluster for Sustainable Cities

Our research cluster is cross-disciplinary, focussing on sustainable architecture, urban design, planning, social sciences, ICT and engineering.

Computational Intelligence Research Group

Our research in the field of computational intelligence incorporates a range of topics such as data mining, neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary optimisation, machine learning, pattern recognition, user-adaptive systems, computer graphics, computer vision and bioinformatics.

Construction Management and Surveying Research Group

Our construction management and surveying researchers explore sustainability and regeneration, quantity surveying and construction law, the application of computer systems in construction, and design in construction processes.

Creative Writing Team

Our research team is engaged in fiction, travel writing, poetry and screen writing at local, national and international levels.

Crustal Evolution and tectonics Research Group

We are addressing fundamental questions with respect to the Earth system.

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Dog Cognition Centre

Researchers in the Department of Psychology are studying all kinds of questions around dog cognition.

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Ecotoxicology and Environmental Monitoring Research Group

Our multidisciplinary group focuses on pure and applied biology and environmental science associated with human impact on the environment.

Engineering Geology and Natural Hazards Research Group

We are investigating natural and man-made hazards through geology, geotechnology, geography & disaster management. We aim to improve communities' resilience to hazards.

Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Research Group

We study organisms and micro-organisms and explore their potential to impact their environments. Our work helps reach goals like preventing the decay of historic wood or attacking harmful cyanobacterial blooms.

Environmental Technology and Management Research Group

This University of Portsmouth research group was one of the pioneers in establishing Constructed Wetlands. Explore their previous research projects.

Epigenetics and Developmental Biology Research Group

We focus on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of development and differentiation. Our analyses include gene regulatory networks, retinoid signalling and disease states.

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Forensic Innovation Centre

The Forensic Innovation Centre is a unique partnership with Hampshire Constabulary. It merges day-to-day forensic activity with research and education on the university campus.

Food Cultures in Transition (FoodCiTi) Research Cluster

FOODCITI is a multidisciplinary research cluster, led by Professor Lisa Jack, aiming to make food and drink more sustainable.

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Global Education Children And Outreach (GECO) Research Group

Quality education is every child's right, but is denied to millions. Our research engages with social justice and the barriers to education access.

Global health population and policy research group

Our interdisciplinary team carries out theoretical and policy-relevant research into international population health, inequalities in health and health outcomes.

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History Research Group

Researching social and cultural history in European societies and beyond, including leisure, economic and political culture, religion and historiography.

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Innovative Industrial Research Group

Within the Innovative Industrial Research Group, we're working on improving performance through the integration of AI into products and services.

Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences

Discover our research to reduce environmental impact and benefit society at the Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences (IBBS).

Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation

Researchers at our Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation explore the evolution of our Universe and aim to inspire the next generation of scientists.

International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology

Research in the Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology is improving the criminal justice system for victims, offenders and workers.

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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the Study of a Transnational Europe

We were awarded the title of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for study of Transnational Europe.

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Language Across Borders Research Group

We study language use that crosses boundaries and breaks rules. Our research combines linguistics with semiotics, political theory and neuroscience.

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Macaque Cognition Project

Researchers in the Department of Psychology are studying macaque cognition and behaviour.

Marine Environmental Science Research Group

We're at the forefront of research in human interaction with marine environments, from molecular to ecosystem levels, working with partners around the world.

Materials Structures and Geotechnics Research Group

Our research group at the University of Portsmouth covers advanced composite structures, safety & security engineering, and more.

Mental Health In Childhood And Education (MICE) Hub

The MICE hub researches mental health in childhood and education, and promotes work in the field through local, national and international networks.

Molecular Biophysics Research Group

We focus on the structure of proteins and their interactions, to better understand biological mechanisms and the development of new therapies.

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Neurochemical Anatomy and Psychopharmacology Research Group

We study organisms, from their molecular to whole animal levels, to understand molecular mechanisms of disease and to develop new therapeutic approaches.

Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture Research Group

Our research covers British, American and European writing and culture of the 19th century, including writers with links to Portsmouth such as Dickens.

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Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation Research Group

Our multi-disciplinary research focuses on policing, probation and criminal and forensic investigation.

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Quality of Life, Health and Wellbeing Research Group

We explore life experiences. Our research includes empowering people with learning disabilities, exploring wellbeing, enhancing life in later years, and more.

Quantum Science and Technology Hub

Explore how we're working to better understand quantum science and develop novel quantum technologies in our Quantum Science and Technology Hub.

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Research Group in Breast Health

Our Research Group in Breast Health uses our expertise in breast biomechanics to provide bra testing services & educational resources.

Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience Research Group

Our research focuses on risk, the delivery of security, and the control of fraud. We develop applied research that can inform policy and practice.

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Sociology And Social Theory Research Group

Our research is located in the disciplinary field of sociology and the interdisciplinary domain of social theory.

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Time, Space, Environment Research Group

Our researchers work on the expression of space and time in literature and culture from the 18th century to the present day.

Transformative Justice Research Group

We research the transformative potential of criminal and social justice, develop networks with justice agencies, and inform policy and practice.

Transnational Politics and Society Research Group

Our research focuses on the cross-border dimensions of Europe and the wider world, including transnational politics, civil society and migration.

Twentieth and Twenty-First Century British And American Literature Research Group

Our researchers work on Edwardian and modernist literature, and share a strong interest in contemporary culture's use of the literary and cultural past.

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Visual Computing Research Group

Our research group investigates solutions to understanding, reconstructing and processing affective facial and human actions and visual scenes.

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Women's and Gender Studies Research Group

This group comprises scholars from disciplines including history, anthropology, media, education and social studies working on women's and gender issues.

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Zeiss Global Centre

At the Zeiss Global Centre, we use X-Ray microscopy to research the competence of biological structures, biomaterials & bio-inspired engineering materials

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