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Critical exploration in contemporary image making

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This Photography Research Group 

Photographic research often highlights important social and cultural issues, and can make these issues visible in particular and distinct ways. This research group was established to generate discussions, collaborations and new creative projects that explore and engage with practice-based research in photography. 

Our research in photography covers a myriad of topics, largely determined by the interests of the artist, their object of enquiry and their working methodology. The scope of this research group is varied and diverse but is broadly concerned with the photographic image in its expanded field.

There's also a large and ever-increasing body of theory associated with photography itself, its histories and practices – and our photographic research engages this material visually at the level of practice and theoretically in determining how this practice engages with the world.

Members of this group regularly participate in national and international exhibitions. The dissemination of research also takes the form of workshops, publications and participation and organisation of symposia and conferences.


Research conducted by members of this group covers the following concepts and fields:

  • Constructed landscapes
  • Representation of conflict
  • Image as performance
  • Materiality and the image
  • Personal and collective memory
  • Vernacular practices
  • Social and political practices, history
  • Cross-cultural inquiry, diaspora, migration and language
  • Sustainable environments
  • Curatorial practices
  • Post-photography, technology and the virtual image

Group members

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