Female student sits on bed using laptop in Bateson hall

Bateson Hall

Bateson Hall is close to the city centre and Guildhall Walk, with lots of options for shopping and relaxing in your downtime. University buildings, sports facilities and the library are just up the road, so you'll be within a short walk of everything you need.

Applying to join us a new, full-time undergraduate student? We guarantee you a room in halls – if you make us your firm first choice, and meet our accommodation deadlines.

Standard rooms – £114 per week

£4,560  per academic year* (September-June)

Large rooms – £128 per week

£5,120 per academic year* (September-June)


  • Single-sex flats for 5 students
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Self-catering – you should budget around £45 a week for food
  • Walking time to University: 6 minutes
  • Nearest train station: Portsmouth and Southsea (5 minutes walk)
  • Managed by the University of Portsmouth

*Prices are estimated and subject to confirmation and rounded to the nearest pound for clarity.

Bedroom in Bateson student halls with a bed, desk and chair


 Exterior of Bateson student halls


A kitchen in Bateson student halls including an over, a microwave and a sink


The laundrette Bateson student halls


Tour Bateson Hall

Join Law student Miriama on a virtual tour, or take your own 360 tour around Bateson Hall.

Explore Bateson Hall with this 360 tour

Explore Bateson Hall with this guided 360 tour, one of our self-catered halls, close to the city centre of Portsmouth.

Miriana: Hi, everyone, it's Miriana here. I'm a second-year law student at the University of Portsmouth, and today I'll be guiding you through Bateson Hall, which you can see in front of your screens at the moment. I used to live here in my first year at university. And to be fair, I did like it because of the good location and the good price. 

So, as you can see, the hall is divided into separate blocks. It goes from A-block, which is the highest one. Obviously, students can use the lift provided inside. And it goes from A-block up to E-block over there. Another important thing to mention is that in here and in here, you can find the main office of the resident's life team. Their objective is to support students and provide their welfare. You can contact them if you have any issues whatsoever. They also organise various events. Which help students to integrate into the university's life. 

So before proceeding with the tour, I just wanted to show you a couple of buildings which are in a close link to Bateson. So just opposite you can see Harry Law, and Harry Law and Bateson are the only halls which are owned by the University. Down the road, you can see the Guildhall, and from there you have access to various high street shops, supermarkets, nightclubs are extremely close as well. 

We now proceed to reception. So, this is the place you will need to first come to as the staff will provide you with all of the necessary keys for your room and your flats. If you have any issues, you can contact the reception as well. An important thing to note is that the reception usually closes at 8.00pm, but the security guys are here 24/7. But if there isn't anyone around, there is a phone right in front of the entrance over here, and you can call, and someone will show up with short notice. Another thing to mention is that if you are receiving any parcels, they will be stored here and you will have to come with your student card and confirm that it is your parcel. If you are receiving any other post, it will be in your lockers which are situated in each of the blocks. Unfortunately, the common room is not included in this 360 virtual tour, but it is right below the reception. There you can also find the launderette. You can easily download the app, which allows you to transfer money from your bank account to the app, and you can easily do your washing. The common room is not as big as in the other halls, but it is a nice place for students to gather around and have fun and integrate and make new friends. 

So, we are now proceeding to the bedrooms. We are now looking at a large room in Bateson hall. The price of it is £111 per week, which should be £4440 for the whole academic year. There is also a standard size room which is cheaper and it's £99 per week, which is £3960 per academic year. Usually, they are paid in three instalments and there are various ways in which you can pay for your accommodation. Another important thing is that you will need to provide your own bedding and your own stuff and make it your own place. This is important because it will help you to adjust easier. 

We are now proceeding to the kitchen. As you can see, the kitchen is quite a decent size. The microwave is provided but apart from that, you will need to provide your own cutlery and crockery. There is an important thing to mention, students are obliged to clean the common areas themselves or otherwise they will be penalised for not doing that. I would say that you need around £35 per week for food but obviously this depends on your preferences. 

Unfortunately, again, the bathrooms and the toilets are not included in the tour, but they are shared. So, you will share your bathroom and toilet with four more people as the flat consists of five people. The flats are single-sex. 

So, this is the end of our tour. I hope that the information I've given you is helpful to you and have a great rest of the day. I hope to welcome you on campus in October.