Founder of The Creative Floor Awards, Podcast and EVP Global Executive Partner at FCB Health

Shaheed Peera

I couldn’t be more honoured, humbled and excited to be part of the Entrepreneurs in Residence Programme.

Shaheed Peera, Founder and EVP Global Executive Partner

Shaheed is Founder of The Creative Floor Awards, Podcast and EVP Global Executive Partner at FCB Health.

He has spent most of his career as a creative working within the advertising industry. Notable highlights include:

  • A Guinness Book of Records for the creating the world’s largest robot for the NFL
  • Having his work celebrated at No. 10 Downing Street, The House of Lords, Speakers House and Mansion House
  • Becoming Cannes Lions first British Asian Health and Wellness President. 

The Creative floor Awards is a global platform that celebrates the world’s best creative work in healthcare communications and raises money to support those from under-represented backgrounds into the advertising industry. He's also Executive VP Global Executive Partner at FCB Health, part of the IPG Health a global communications network.

Shaheed Peera offers particular expertise in

  • Advertising, Marketing and Media
  • E-Commerce 
  • Podcasting 
  • Health 
  • PR

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