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Business and Law options

The sustainability agenda is pushing for a switch to electric cars. But, unlike filling a tank with petrol, this doesn't take only a couple of minutes. So how can charging companies maximise their income from customers whilst they wait? Is it all about food, drink and entertainment, or are there more creative ways to keep people busy spending additional money?


This interactive session will use games to help us understand, influence and predict decision-making. The games will show how economics can be used to explain people's behaviour and how the world works - using examples from overfishing the oceans, to trading gold and paying taxes.


Everyone can experience discrimination, Equality Law is what protects individuals from being discriminated against. This interactive workshop will give you a practical insight into the ways that the law can protect us from direct and indirect discrimination.


Successful brands are always looking for ways to innovate and keep on trend with both their products and communications. In this workshop, you will develop your own marketing skills, propose an idea for a new product concept and create a campaign idea for one of the world’s biggest ice cream brands.

Creative Industries options

What will the future be like? What will our cities and buildings look like? Acting in the role of an architect, interior designer or spatial designer. You will be introduced to some of the key issues architects need to consider in relation to the climate crisis and will put that into practice creating your own model city.



Ever wondered how video filters in some of your favourite apps actually work?! Now is your chance to create your own! In this accessible and fun workshop we'll use some coding techniques to recognise gestures and overlay images for snapchat/zoom style filters. No previous coding experience needed!

Sound is used to help tell a story and set a mood. In this session we'll take a look at an existing first-person shooter game and add our own sound to improve the experience.

You’ll create your own custom sound elements, add them in, and test out your results to see if you’ve enhanced the immersive gameplay.

Comics construct stories through different ways of framing action, depicting emotion and creating drama. In this workshop you’ll learn about narrative illustration in a variety of forms before creating your own comic with help from a published comic artist and author.

Humanities options

Sherlock Holmes is a well-known and popular character. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at Arthur Conan Doyle's writing as well as modern adaptations of the texts to find out why the character remains so popular.

Ever wondered how insects can tell us when someone died? Now’s your chance to find out! You will be working with live and dead insects (maggots and flies) and play the role of a forensic entomologist, to solve the case.

Explore the ways in which criminal barristers attempt to control and manipulate witnesses in the courtroom. We will explore a range of linguistic strategies, and look at how we might resist such linguistic foul-play ourselves.

This workshop will explore how ordinary Americans learned about the events of the Vietnam Conflict. Looking at a variety of sources from the time, we will explore how pressure was created to support the war aims and the nature of significant anti-war protests that developed.

The qualities of leadership are in all of us. We are all capable of sharing a vision, a mission and our values.We will explore the development of our identity and discuss the importance of power and status in different situations.


Science options

Learn about the numbers and names your dentist is saying when you have a dental exam. What does it mean? What instruments do they use?  Put what you’ve learnt into practice using dental instruments on our ‘phantom heads’.

Science is at the base of the successful creation of medicinal and cosmetics products. In this workshop, you will learn how to formulate a cream and have fun customising it, and marketing it while developing a catching name and packaging.

Technology options

The Universe is full of planets, stars, and galaxies that astronomers want to understand. But they’re so far away from us, we can't go there to study them – instead, we observe them with huge telescopes and capture their light.

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to a technique that astronomers use called spectroscopy – you will make your own spectroscope to split light into rainbows and find out how this is used to unlock the secrets of the Universe.

Tension is a very useful tool in civil engineering, it can be used to make construction easier but can also hold together enormous complex structures! Come and learn about the importance of pulleys and suspension and build your very own 'floating' tensegrity structure.


Sports activities at Residential 2023

Choose your sport and society workshops

On the form, you'll pick 2 sports and societies to explore from the options below.

You'll need to select a 1st and 2nd choice for each activity, and we suggest mixing your options up as some sessions will be repeated.

Sports and society options

Prepare to support Team GB at the Olympics and Paralympics next summer by giving Badminton a go. Could you be heading to Los Angeles in 2028?

Ever wanted to try boxing but didn’t know where to start? Choose this taster to safely learn body awareness, movement and speed to show off your fancy footwork.

University of Portsmouth Cheerleading Club achieved Level 3 National Champions at Legacy 2019. Whether you’ve been binge-watching Cheer Squad on Netflix or just want to give it a go, Cheer will certainly put you through your paces as the next generation of cheerleaders.

Check out our new climbing wall! Our qualified instructors will take you through your paces. Whether you’ve done it before or completely brand new, will you be the first to the top?

Sport isn’t the only place where you can show off your competitive edge. Student Unions offer a variety of societies so why not join the Game Society to test your opponent in a variety of games.

Like standing up for what’s right? Find out how the Student Union runs and make a difference with your own campaign.

One of the world’s most popular indoor sports, try your hand at Table Tennis and see if you’ve got what it takes to be the UP for Uni Residential Champion!

Yes, it’s a sport! Ultimate Frisbee is far more than playing fetch with the dog. Try something new, can you beat the ambassadors to be crowned Ultimate Residential champions?

Set to high tempo motivational music, pedal your way through hill climbs, sprints and other exercises in our brand new state-of-the art gym.

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Pick your options now

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