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Banking and financial markets research

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Our banking and financial markets research examines the functioning of financial markets and the institutions that operate in those markets.

Using a range of approaches – including economics, law, psychology and machine learning– we're exploring topics ranging from the stability of the banking system and the legal regulation of banks, to the trading behaviour of professional and amateur traders.

Recent financial crises have demonstrated the need to better understand the pricing of complex derivatives and the interdependence of those markets – and our research is also examining these markets and their interdependence, furthering our understanding of the causes of the crisis and the progress in ensuring the financial system is more secure.

The crisis also demonstrated the importance of regulation, and we employ an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing academics from a range of disciplines.

Our research is regularly published in leading journals within the field, including the Journal of Banking and Finance; Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money; Journal of International Banking Law & Regulation; and European Journal of Finance. 

Our research focuses on the following topics

  • Dynamic interactions between and within the economy and financial markets
  • Bank supervision and regulation
  • High frequency and algorithmic trading 
  • Information in financial markets
  • Sustainable finance and Islamic finance
  • Risk, volatility and liquidity
  • Financialisation of commodity markets
  • Market manipulation and surveillance


Our research makes use of quantitative research methods, and econometrics methods including time series and panel data. We occasionally use of large datasets – sometimes high frequency – and from these, we estimate structural models to test for causal relationships. We also employ economic theory to build theoretical models from first principles.  

Our law-related research can result from qualitative works, involving review and analysis of financial regulation, case-law and legal literatures. It also employs empirical legal methods that typically apply to economics, psychology and sociology, to explore the interplay between financial regulation and governance with relevant stakeholders and the wider society.

Publication highlights include

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