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Palaeontology and stratigraphy research

Explore our work in palaeontology and stratigraphy, 1 of our areas of expertise in Earth and Environmental Sciences


Our research in palaeontology and stratigraphy explores how fossil records can help us understand past climates and environments – and through our greater knowledge of the past, effectively predict and model the threat of climate change and its impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.

We’re addressing fundamental questions of palaeobiology and evolution, and applying biostratigraphy and kerogen analysis to source rock characterisation in hydrocarbon exploration. We’re developing and applying novel analytical techniques in organic matter characterisation, and helping the hydrocarbon industry to improve source rock characterisation.

We’re using applied research in the field of energy resources to optimise the use of existing fossil fuels in emerging and developing economies. We're investigating organism-sediment interactions in the context of fossil preservation, and the colonisation of new ecosystems and ecosystem engineering.

Our work is featured in publications such as Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, and Cretaceous Research. We collaborate on research with international partners, including universities in Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia and Africa, and industrial partners in the hydrocarbon and coal exploration industry.

Much of our research makes use of our palaeontology laboratory facilities, which include a Palynology laboratory for acid processing.

Our work explores the following topics

  • Palaeobiology and Evolution
  • Biostratigraphy and Palynofacies
  • Taphonomy and Trace Fossils
  • Palaeoclimate and Palaeoecosystems
  • Experimental Palaeontology
  • Hydrocarbon and Coal Exploration

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