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Mathematics research

Explore the work we're doing across our two areas of research expertise in Mathematics

Our Mathematics research covers many topics, from the abstract to the practical. We're exploring the immense mathematical complexity at work in process and functions all around us, and using our knowledge and expertise to develop practical solutions to pressing issues in science and industry. 

Within our industrial mathematics research, we're using mathematical modelling and analysis to existing experiments to show how different physical mechanisms work within a given process. 

One application of our work is in renewable energy. With the future of the planet in the balance and sustainable energy a necessity for the future and the present, our research is helping improve the efficiency of the current generation of renewable batteries and solar cells, and shaping the development of the next generation of technology.

In our applied mathematics, nonlinear and complex systems research, we're using mathematical models to study the biological and medical systems of infectious diseases, plant-soil-atmosphere interactions, and cancer cells dynamics. By revealing and understanding the connections between system components and the effects of these connections, we're better able to predict how a system will evolve if changes in its components occur.

Among the many other topics we cover within this topic, we're also looking at the periodic orbits and stability of Solar Sails – a novel type of spacecraft which uses sunlight for its propulsion, and is therefore capable of completing orbits and missions which conventional spacecraft cannot.

Explore our areas of expertise

Applied Mathematics, Nonlinear and Complex Systems

We're studying how complexity and order arise from the simple underlying rules of physics. Explore our applied mathematics nonlinear and complex systems research.

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Industrial Mathematics

We're delivering insight into roles of different physical mechanisms within a process to develop practical solutions and guidance in science and industry. Explore our industrial mathematics research.

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Research groups

Industrial Mathematics Research Group

We're researching how mathematics can be applied in an industrial context, currently focussing on energy generation and storage.

Nonlinear and Complex Systems Research Group

We're researching how such complexity and order arises from the simple rules and laws of physics.

Centre for Operational Research and Logistics

We're using our expertise in analytics, system design, simulation, programming, and forecasting to help organisations around the world make better decisions.

Logistics, Operational Research and Analytics Group

We're researching how we can apply quantitative methodologies to improve decision-making across a range of diverse fields of application.

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