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Pharmacy practice research group

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The Pharmacy Practice Division comprises of fourteen pharmacists, of whom five are teacher/practitioners and divide their time between their professional and university roles. A majority of the staff are research active, as well as providing teaching on pharmacy practice, therapeutics and clinical skills.

Our research is divided into two main areas – undergraduate education and pharmacy practice.

Research partners

The practice group works closely with the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) at Burseldon, Hampshire, an associate college of the University of Portsmouth, collaborating with clinicians, pharmacists and scientists to apply their expertise in post-marketing surveillance to a range of shared research topics at Masters level. The DSRU has charity status and receives funding from a variety of sources. The unit produces world-class research into the safety of marketed medicines through the application of a variety of pharmacovigilance techniques including prescription event monitoring.

There are partnerships for research and innovation with the Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN on medicines optimisation and Hampshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) (WEBSITE) on Healthy Living Pharmacy engagement.

Current projects

The current education-related projects focus on our MPharm degree and include evaluation of the role of simulated clinical experiences, alternative methods of delivery of teaching such as the “flipped classroom”, the teaching of professionalism, the impact of immersive education in a practice environment on learning and the role of mentors and peer-assisted learning. The practice-focussed research includes evaluation of the role of pharmacy team in general practice, the safety of monitored dosage systems, errors and learning in mental health prescribing, the legacy and sustainability of Healthy Living Pharmacies, the involvement of patients, prescribers and the pharmaceutical industry on decisions about mental health prescribing and safety/risk related decisions in paediatric prescribing. Other research includes the investigation of possible altered pharmacokinetic properties of anti-infectives in patients with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

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