Astrophysicist Jen Gupta speaking about her research

Meet the women driving our research

Discover the women making an impact through their research at the University of Portsmouth 

We’ve nurtured and celebrated women’s achievements from our earliest beginnings as Portsmouth Municipal College.

The suffragette Elsie Hooper blazed a trail here in the early 1900s, teaching the science of plants as medicine to our pharmacy students. Elsie was the first woman to receive two prestigious research awards: the Redwood Research Scholarship and the Pharmaceutical Society’s Burroughs Scholarship. Elsie opened her own pharmacies in London where she employed and mentored female apprentices.

Over 100 years later, women continue to play a leading role in driving our ambitions and are carving out new knowledge and understanding in science, the humanities, technology, the arts and business.

The research conducted by our female scholars is varied, and covers the areas of health, security, the environment, the arts and crime. It is all breaking new ground and making a difference to what we know and how we live. Through their teaching, they’re inspiring a new generation to go further still.