Any member of the general public may register a complaint with us. This includes former students and parents of a student, whether you live in Portsmouth or not.

If your complaint is about students in your community you should contact the Student and Neighbourhood Liaison Service directly by telephoning +4423 9284 3214 or emailing We have a firm commitment to solving this type of complaint through goodwill and co-operation.

If your complaint relates to something else you should contact us using We will discuss your complaint with you and can contact members of staff informally to try to resolve your concerns. If you are not happy with the result of this process you can make a formal complaint.

Making a complaint

To make a formal complaint you should write to the complaints team at You should include:

  • the background to your complaint
  • details of the informal attempts you have made at resolving the complaint and details of the member of staff you discussed the matter with
  • why any outcomes of the informal attempts are not satisfactory
  • the desired outcome of your complaint

We'll decide whether an investigation is required based on your evidence. If we believe that you haven't exhausted the informal complaints procedure or that there are no grounds to overturn the outcome of your informal complaint, we may decide not to investigate your complaint. If we decide not to investigate, you'll be told within 10 working days of the receipt of your complaint.

Investigating your complaint

If we decide that an investigation is needed, you will be told that an investigation will be carried out and given a date by which you should receive a report on your complaint. The investigation will be carried out by a relevant member of staff from the area your complaint relates to. This will be completed within 30 working days of the date your complaint is referred to that member of staff.

After the investigation you'll receive a written report of findings and conclusions. This may include recommended actions to resolve the complaint.

If the report contains actions for us a member of staff will be charged to look at the recommendations. They will complete this within 10 working days of the date of the report and will decide whether to follow the recommendations or take other action to resolve the complaint. You will be sent a letter outlining this decision. This will close your complaint.

Withdrawing your formal complaint

You may withdraw your formal complaint at any time. This will close the complaint.


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