Our Power Electronics Laboratory supports learning in the field of electrical and power engineering, and allows students to study the impact of electrical loads in a household or a city, and how electricity can be distributed using the grid.

Students in the facility conduct experiments covering both ends of the spectrum from establishing the fundamental principles of transformers, thyristors, DC and AC motors, to simulations of the smart grid and wind turbines.

The lab also provides scalability and flexibility to test technologies and architectures involved in the development of future sustainable power grids, which proves invaluable in MSc projects.

Part of the School Energy and Electronic Engineering, the lab is used by MSc Energy and Power Systems Management students, who graduate in a strong position to pursue careers as engineers at an advanced level in the field of energy and power systems management.


  • Opal RT, LabVolt and Feedback training sets offer the industry’s most complete, open and highest-performance real-time digital simulation solution for power systems developed by OPAL-RT
  • Power electronics, motor and generator systems provided by Feedback Instruments and LabVolt

Where to find us

Power Electronics Laboratory

Anglesea Building 0.03a
Anglesea Road

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