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Year 7–11 Activity

Simple mindfulness techniques to help students find the present moment, be self-reflective and perform at their best.

Being your best

Mindfulness techniques can help in times of stress or anxiety. They're also beneficial as part of a daily routine. They help build self-awareness by identifying our thoughts and emotions.

Here you'll find a video and tip sheet to help students with simple techniques they can use to help them perform at their best.

Being your best video

Our being your best video can be used as a tutor time resource, or is a great starter activity for your PSHE class.

In this video, we discuss the importance of mindfulness and take students through mindfulness techniques, why they're important and other resources they can use when they need them.

What is mindfulness and how can it help you?

Being Your Best
Discover the science behind mindfulness, how it can help you to perform at your best and some techniques to try at home.

Mindfulness tip sheet

Want something to stick on your classroom wall?

Here's a handy tip sheet with lots more information about the mindfulness techniques covered in our video.

Download our mindfulness tips